Get your confidence back with Boots STAYDRY

Urinary incontinence is common but it doesn’t have to rule your life. You can manage it your way - with Boots STAYDRY

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Life is busy - that’s why you don’t want anything to get in the way of enjoying it to the full. And that includes bladder weakness. You may not be able to do anything about leaks when they strike but you can feel safe in the knowledge that you can manage them confidently when they happen. 

Almost one fifth of us (18%) experience some sort of bladder leakage or incontinence*. It can be caused by the menopause or general ageing, by pregnancy, childbirth or simply putting on some extra weight.

Whatever the cause, and however heavy the leak, Boots STAYDRY has a product which can help. Our comprehensive range includes liners, shields, pads and slips. We also make discreet underwear, day and night pants, as well as a range of accessories.

Our products are so popular one is sold, online or in store, every nine seconds** - making STAYDRY the number one incontinence brand sold at Boots.***

Design update

Boots STAYDRY pants have been upgraded to provide a better fit while maintaining the same super absorption.  The redesigned pants feel more like real underwear and are designed for moderate to heavy bladder weakness. 

They use super-absorbent, leak-locking technology at the core of the pants so you can have confidence in the fit and performance. They’ve been constructed using ultrasonic bonding technology, bringing the absorbent core closer to your body for improved protection from leaks, while also providing a softer pant for better all-round comfort. 

The “active zone” at the core of the pants contains super-absorbent technology, capable of locking away over 30 times its own weight of liquid as a gel. This leak-locking core offers natural odour protection and is covered by a soft topsheet, to keep moisture away from your skin. 

The pants are skin-friendly and have been dermatologically tested so you know they’re going to provide the comfort you need, while the latest technology offers a worry-free fit. 

STAYDRY features

  • Super absorbent technology: It can lock away over 30 times its own weight of liquid as a gel.
  • Ultrasonic bonding: brings the absorbent core closer to the body for improved protection from leaks. 
  • Derma Dry Technology: for skin dryness and comfort.
  • Stay Fresh Technology: with natural odour protection.  
  • Active Zone: rapidly absorbs and locks in leaks.

Where to buy

Shop the STAYDRY range at Boots, online at or in store.

So whatever life throws at you, you know you can rely on Boots STAYDRY. Leave the worry and technological know-how to us, which will leave you free to live your life with confidence - however you choose.

*Data from Walgreens Boots Alliance Health of the Nation Study. 3,510 individuals aged 18+ interviewed October 26th - November 8th 2021.

**Based on all STAYDRY sales data from 04/05/2021 to 03/05/2022

***Based on sales data from 04/05/2021 to 03/05/2022.