What 200 Calories Actually Looks Like

The most clever way to see what you're actually eating eating every day and get inspired to snack healthier.

What 200 Calories Really Looks Like

Trying to lose weight? Then you probably already know that the key to shedding pounds is burning more calories than you consume. But even if you eat healthily and exercise, many women still don’t see the weight loss results they want.

The reason could be a problem of calorie control. Because the truth is that most dieters go wrong by vastly over-estimating portion sizes. We think that our dinner of grilled chicken with a side of sweet potato and green salad is an easy diet win, but even the healthiest ingredients in large quantities can inhibit weight loss.

But the good news is that a new app is here to take the stress out of weight loss by illustrating exactly what 200 calories of our favourite foods looks like. The Calorific app is easy to use and will make healthy snacking a little easier. We also love its use of beautiful pastel colours and large images – who says calorie counting had to be boring?

How does it work? The app shows 200 calories of portions of 144 different foods so you can eyeball portions easier. You’ll be surprised at some of the portion sizes of your favourite foods. Plus when you see how many strawberries you can eat for 200 calories (50!) compared to popping your favourite sweets (just 16 peanut M&Ms), you’ll be reaching for the fruit bowl in no time…

In fact, some of your favourite snacks are surprisingly calorific. For example, did you know that just a tablespoon of peanut butter clocks in 200 calories? Shocking!

So, are you ready to let your smart phone unlock the secret to a slimmer you? Find out what 200 calories really looks like…

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You can download a free version of the Calorific app here.

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