The simple daily activities that could help to boost your memory

As we get older, taking steps to improve our brain function and memory is something many of us strive to do.

Whether its by doing daily crossword puzzles, or taking part in brain training exercises, it's always sensible to keep on top of our mental abilities.

But according to a new study, there could be a much more relaxed method of boosting our memory.

According to Country Living, a new study conducted by the University of California has suggested that just 10 minutes of light exercise a day could be enough to help boost our memory's abilities.

Scientists at the university tested thirty-six healthy volunteers, making them take part in cognitive recall tests both after doing 10 minutes of physical exercise, and at a time when they had not.

And reportedly, the volunteers had a far better ability after they had done 10 minutes of gentle activity. So which exercises specifically prompted an improvement in memory?

Researchers found that after doing 10 minutes of Tai-Chi, walking, or yoga, communication between the brain's hippocampus, and the cortical region, where we recall memories, was improved.

And while the volunteers tested were young, the project's co-author revealed that they hope to conduct similar tests in older people - and see equally beneficial results.

Michael Yassa said that his and the scientists "main goal is to try to develop an exercise prescription that can be used by older adults who might have disabilities or mobility impairments, but can still adopt a very simple exercise regimen and be able to, perhaps, stave off cognitive decline".

He concluded, "An evening stroll is sufficient to get some benefit,"

There's certainly nothing like a brisk evening walk to clear away the cobwebs of the day - so we're all for giving this advice a try!