The Great British Bake Off: The Best & Worst Bakes Ever!

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Photo of The Great British Bake Off

The Great British Bake Off, Bake Off or GBBO – whatever you choose to call it, everyone's favourite baking show is soon to be back on our screens. And if previous shows are anything to go by, Paul, Mary, Sue and Mel will be on fine form as they return for the seventh series of the hit show.

With the first Great British Bake Off series gracing our screens in 2010 the infamous baking tent decorated floor to ceiling in quintessentially English tablecloths and tea sets, has become the iconic setting of many a disastrous and triumphant bake. And we can't wait to see what the bakers have up their sleeves this year.

But before the new raft of The Great British Bake Off amateur bakers present their efforts to baking royalty Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry, there's just enough time to look back at the best and worst bakes of early series of GBBO. And haven't there been some corkers? Stunning picnic pies, exquisite petits fours and crispy, snappy crackers sit alongside some not-so-creative and not-so-tasty disaster bakes, all on The Great British Bake Off...

Series Four: The best

Howard's Black Forest Cake

Howard's Black Forest Revisited left us speechless. Mary called it a 'masterpiece' but we loved it simply for 'Paul the Black Forest Bear'. Mr Hollywood didn't look too impressed.

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Frances' Veg Patch Canapes

Frances was often accused of creating style over substance, but luckily for her, she proved the judges wrong and won the series. These vegetable patch treats were exceptional and fantastically dainty.

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Frances' Picnic Pie

In our (humble) opinion, this pie looks like mouth-watering perfection, it's a clever combination of being both rustic and elegant, and even Paul heaped praise on Frances saying that 'the filling was fantastic'.

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Beca's Cheese Cake

Beca's spiced butternut squash and pecan cake put a surprising twist on the vegetable cake challenge. If only we could be quite as creative with icing!

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Christine's Gingerbread Shortbread House

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Series Four: The worst

Ruby's Wedding Cake

Ruby caused a stir, but it certainly wasn't because of this unimaginative wedding cake! According to Mary and Paul, the flavours were 'exceptional' but the dull frosting and clumsy icing work left little to be desired.

Howard's Peachy Buns

Paul poured cold water over Howard's Peachy Buns by saying that they had no flavour. We just admired the name!

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Series Three: The best

Ryan's Key Lime Pie

One of the best ever bakes is undoubtedly Ryan's key lime pie. Despite coming last in the technical challenge, his perfect American pie was enough on its own to earn him the accolade of star baker.

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James' Rose, Raspberry and Macaron Tart

Creamy tart? Check. Macaroons? Check. Raspberries? Check. This pink-hued tart was a Series Two triumph - and a first for Mary Berry who admitted she had never tasted a rose-flavoured tart before.

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Brendan's Stollen Castle

The instruction for this Third Series showstopper challenge was a celebratory sweet bread - and as ever, Brendan didn't disappoint. His stollen castle won over the judges - and all of us!

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John's Heaven and Hell Cake

The grand final saw a bake to put all other cakes to shame: winner John's showstopper heaven and hell chiffon cake.

Brendan's Bagels

Chocolate twisted bagels? Not an instant draw but they worked wonders in the second week of Series Three when baking bread was the key theme.

John's Gingerbread Roman Colosseum

An architechtural masterpiece, John's gingerbread Roman colloseum was a feat of baking - and engineering - all in one!

Brendan's Petits Fours Cygnets

Resident Series three perfectionist Brendan carried off one of the most intricate bakes ever seen with his miniature lime curd cygnet petits fours. Incredible.

Brendan's Crackers

Who would have thought that the simple cracker was so difficult to master? Brendan's multi-seed flatbreads were regimental in shape and size. We're not sure we could manage the same!

Series Three: The worst

Natasha's Mother's Day Cake

It might have looked beautiful on the outside, but Natasha's Mother's Day rose cake was practically raw on the inside! You can't judge a cake by its icing...

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Stuart's Torte

Stuart's black forest tart completely collapsed in the fourth week of Series Three when it failed to set. He then came last in the technical challenge, and left the show that week.

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James's Gingerbread Barn

For the 'gingerbread structures' challenge in the Series Three quarter final, James's barn was in trouble from the start. But, by covering it in a little spun sugar, he managed to convince Paul and Mary that the 'ruined' look was in fact his goal all along!

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Danny's Fraisier Cake

Danny's Fraisier cake was a disaster. The creme patissiere failed to set, leaving what should have been a beautiful masterpiece little short of a sloppy mess.

Series Two: The best

Colourful Quiche

The second week of Series Two saw the trials and tribulations of the quiche challenge. A deceptively simple task, not all bakers enjoyed success, however this beautifully made quiche pleased Paul and Mary.

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Series Two: The worst


Making profiteroles is hard enough - let alone stacking them in a giant tower with spun sugar and chocolate. The quarter final showstopper challenge of Series Two, saw the bakers' croquembouche constructions resemble the leaning tower of Pisa more than The Shard!

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Victoria's Blackbird Pie Cake

Despite leaving Series Three in the early stages, Victoria won the star baker award in the very first week with her incredible blackbird pie cake.

Stuart's Creme Caramel

For the technical challenge, Stuart's creme caramel didn't go well, leaving him in the dangerous bottom spot. He was eliminated that week.

Series One: The best

Mini Cupcakes

Back in Series One, cupcakes were on the menu. These dainty, pretty white fairy cakes went down a storm - perfect for a wedding!

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