Easy Biscuit Recipes

Biscuit recipes that prove biscuits are better homemade, including peanut butter biscuits, double chocolate biscuits and homemade custard creams

Easy biscuit recipes to bake at home, including homemade custard creams, double chocolate biscuits sandwiched with a rich ganache filling and smart almond biscotti, perfect for dipping in coffee.

Our pick of biscuit recipes will make you very popular, whether you’re sharing them round the office or offering them from a tin over a cup of tea with friends. We’ve also featured Great British Bake Off winner Jo Wheatley’s popular biscuit recipes, including pistachio and orange shortbread and Viennese fingers dipped in smooth chocolate.

Biscuits make great edible gifts that can be made ahead, so you can get your thoughtful gift ready in advance.

These Viennese fingers ‘crumble in the hand and melt in the mouth but they require a light touch and real unsalted butter – margarine simply will not work’, Jo Wheatley says.

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