Katie Piper just wore the most stylish summer-ready outfit – now we're adding coloured jeans to our wardrobe

We'll take the navy and white-striped top too

Katie Piper
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Katie Piper just stepped out in a pair of beautiful, bright orange wide-leg jeans and expertly accessorised with nude accessories to tone down the summer-ready look. 

Katie Piper's Breakfast Show has delighted fans for a whole number of reasons. Every Saturday and Sunday morning, not only does the presenter bring live music and interesting news stories into people's homes via ITV, but she has been consistently showing off her stylish dress sense and giving us the ultimate inspiration for our summer capsule wardrobes

Last week's episode saw her debut a pair of stunningly bold, bright orange wide-leg jeans. She pulled off the style effortlessly, with the wide leg silhouette adding a youthful, street-style feel to her outfit and flattering her body shape perfectly. 

Many are often left wondering about what the best style of jeans for your body type is but the wide leg look is one that anyone can pull off  - which is especially good news for those wanting to try out this season’s must-have barrel leg jeans

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Katie's bright jeans give a relaxed, fun feel, and the stylish navy and white striped top adds a splash of pattern but doesn't overwhelm the bold orange tone. The TV presenter completed the look with subtle accessories, expertly adding nude heels and keeping her jewellery minimal so as not to draw attention from the jeans. 

Katie isn't afraid to make a splash with her denim. We adore the patterned, patchwork-style jeans she wore for another episode of her breakfast show (pictured below), which are perfect for elevating a classic jean look, without going all out orange.

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It's no surprise that Katie favours bright and bold fashion choices. She's long been vocal about how she dresses to feel good and empowered, favouring exciting wardrobe picks to give her confidence in her day-to-day life. 

“No matter what has happened in my life and what stages I’ve been through right up to motherhood, fashion has been a big part of how I’ve expressed myself,” she previously told Yahoo Style UK. “I’ve used it to keep control of my identity. I’ve used it to be more assertive. I’ve used it to recreate who I am.

She added that her style and emotions are massively linked, with bright colours reflecting her happier moods, while, when she's feeling a bit less energetic, her darker clothes help her slink into the shadows. 

"How you dress that day reflects how you felt that morning when you woke up," she said. "When you wear black we might want to be a bit invisible, maybe we’re having a bit of a rubbish day. When we’re wearing bright colours, more revealing clothes we’re happy for attention to express ourselves. 

"I have a massive belief in not saving your best clothes for just birthdays and nights out. I’ll wake up on a Monday and wear a really nice outfit. Put it on, wear it, wash it and then wear it again for the special occasion. Wearing good stuff makes you feel good, it’s a fail safe thing to do."

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