Dangerous Games

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DANGEROUS GAMES celebrates the special bond between mothers and daughters while taking a cool look at what the pursuit of political power can lead to.

Ambition, corruption and international intrigue are the highly contemporary themes of Danielle Steel's brilliant new novel Dangerous Games, but it's her insightful
portrayal of the very different women at the heart of the story that gives this
book its emotional pull. TV investigative reporter Alix Phillips's willingness
to put herself on the front line of any war, riot or disaster makes for
award-winning footage but a high-risk existence. Together with her cameraman
Ben Chapman, an ex-Navy SEAL, she thrives on impossible assignments and tight
deadlines. Only two people count for more than any story: her nineteen-year-old
daughter Faye, born when Alix herself was only twenty, and her French-born
mother, vivacious and youthful Isabelle, whose bond with her granddaughter is
especially close.

The story's twists and turns keep us hooked, but what marks all of Danielle Steel's books is not just her storytelling but also her empathetic portrayal of modern women whose private lives are often far from perfect. Alix is the daughter of Sir Alex Phillips, a British journalist killed by an IRA bomb when Alix was just a baby. Brought up in London, Alix went to college in the US and was widowed after a youthful love affair and marriage, leaving her broken-hearted and a single parent at twenty. To compound her loss, the wealthy family of her late husband opposed the marriage and never recognized Alix or her child.

Then there is the enigmatic Olympia. To the outside world she is a revered figure, but as a widow - after her husband, a senator and hugely respected presidential candidate, was assassinated - she is unable to move on and now lives a reclusive life, in danger of losing contact with even her children. Instead Olympia relies on the support of her husband's closest ally, friend, Vice President and now fiercely ambitious presidential candidate Tony Clark. It's only when Alix is granted a rare interview with Olympia that the spotlight falls on his relationship with the still grief-stricken widow, and doubts and questions about Tony begin to surface.

Danielle is one of the world's favourite storytellers. As a
working mother of a large family, she has experienced many of life's challenges
and has a great understanding of the human psyche. It's not hard to see why her
characters and storylines resonate with women, and men, of all generations the
world over. She divides her time between Paris and her home in northern

Fans of Danielle's work will know that all her novels are
entirely different, though all have strong women at their heart. New readers
will discover that running through her multi-layered plotlines are a wide range
of highly relevant issues, though at their core is the subject around which all
else pivots human relationships. It's a classic and hugely enjoyable Danielle
Steel combination.

Pure heart. Pure Steel

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