Should we scrap the 1p piece?... Today's Debate

by Carrie Mitchell on Thursday, 31 January 2013

Fed up of all that change jangling around in your purse? Perhaps it's time to follow in Canada's footsteps and ditch our one-penny pieces.

Realising that the cost of producing each coin outweighed their value, the Royal Canadian Mint stopped producing their one-cent coins last year and as of next week will halt all shippings of the coin to banks. Cash transactions over there will now be rounded to the nearest five cents, which at least makes calculating your shopping bill a little easier. Plus it is claimed that the move could save taxpayers an astounding £7m a year.

Our Canadian friends aren't the first to ditch their littlest coins either - Australia, New Zealand, Sweden and the Netherlands have all taken steps to do away with their minimum coinage and the US lobbyists are hoping to do the same over there.

But are we too attached to our own copper pennies to kiss them goodbye? It seems the younger generation are most certainly not - a recent poll revealed that one in five British adults aged between 18 and 24 simply chuck their 1ps and 2ps in the bin! A move which seems a little harsh given that they could follow their parents example by saving them all up in jars or bottles until they have enough to indulge in a little treat.

But what do you think? With no pennies to pick up, will we run out of luck? Or would you rather not have all that shrapnel weighing you down or collecting dust on the mantelpiece?

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