Kate Garraway urges stark warning to the public, as her husband still battles the virus

We cannot imagine how painful it must be...

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On Good Morning Britain, Kate Garraway became emotional as she spoke about the reality of her husband Derek Draper's condition. She issued a sharp warning to everyone watching, asking the public to comply with mask-wearing and social distancing.

Derek, who is only 53 tested positive for Coronavirus in March and was admitted to intensive care and put on a ventilator. His condition became so critical that they put him in an induced coma several weeks. He woke up in July but has been unable to speak since and has been in minimal consciousness ever since.

The NHS has now said he is the longest-suffering patient in intensive care with the virus.

Kate said on the show, "I give sympathy to people who are fed up with it. I think if you haven't been directly touched by it, you haven't seen the devastation, but your life has been devastated – your livelihood, your ability to feel a sense of joy – then, of course, I think you're going to get frustrated."

Kate spoke out after a photo of Stanley Johnson, the Prime Minister's Father, was published showing him in a shop without a mask on.

She said, "It does make me tempted to show a picture of Derek in his current state, and say 'you don't want this in your life'. And you don't know who it will affect and how, so, you know, stick to it [the rules]."

She said how his parents have been unable to see him. Its been six months since they hugged their son. If they can go that long without seeing Derek, then "the rest of us can probably get through".

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"He's lost nearly eight stone in weight, a lot of it muscle throughout his body," she said. "He looked worn-out, thin and pale with dark circles under his eyes and there were lots of tubes."

Apologising at the end she said, "Sorry, I didn't mean to depress everybody, but that's the reality of getting caught up in the virus.".

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