Carol McGiffin reveals why she never had children

Carol McGiffin

Carol McGiffin has opened up about her decision not to have children with her fiancé Mark Cassidy, in a candid chat on Loose Women.

During a discussion on the show about 'pregnancy pressure', the 58-year-old simply revealed that she never wanted kids.

After becoming engaged to her fiancé Mark back in 2008, the presented confessed that he knew about her decision for the future.

She admitted, "I think Mark knew, because he knew me from being on this show, that I didn't want kids. I never wanted kids and it was never even a flicker, just don't want them."

Carol went on to share that her decision not to have children began at a young age - in part, because of her mother.

She told her panellists, "I think it was from seeing my mum struggle so much with four kids."

Carol went on, admitting, "I always used to think, 'She's mad, what did she have four kids for? She can't manage with us'. And I thought, 'No I can't do that, I'm going to spend all my money on myself.'"

She then continued, "When I met Mark, he knew I didn't want kids. We did have a conversation about it but the fact is, he probably wouldn't have put himself in the job if he thought I wanted kids because I don't want them."

The Loose Women star also confessed that the thing that frustrates her the most is people's reaction to her not having children.

"What annoys me is that people think nothing of saying to me, 'Oh you didn't have any kids?' and they always put that sad face on, like it's not on purpose.

"But what if it wasn't on purpose? I think it's a really insensitive thing to say to anyone."

Carol went on, saying, "I wouldn't turn around to any of you lot and say, 'Why did you have kids?' It's just a really terrible thing to say, to question someone about it."

Linda Robson then went on to joke, "Sometimes you do wonder why you had them!"

Carol will soon be looking forward to hers and Mark's long awaited wedding, after becoming engaged 10 years ago. The pair have been in no rush to tie the knot, but Carol recently revealed that the big day would be in the near future.

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