'I felt murderous': Alex Jones gets candid about her relationship struggles

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The One Show's Alex Jones has opened up about the challenges of welcoming a new-born in a honest new interview for her parenting book 'Winging It! Parenting In The Middle of Life!'.

The 40-year-old welcomed baby Teddy just last year, with her husband of three years, Charlie Thomson.

And while you might expect dealing with a new baby to be one of the biggest struggles of motherhood, Alex has revealed that the couple's new arrival has a surprising impact on their relationship too.

In an interview with You magazine, the mum-of-one revealed that the couple struggled to get on in the early days of Teddy's arrival.

And Alex also admitted that having to feed her baby son on her own at night left her feeling "murderous" towards her husband - who was sleeping soundly next to her.

She said, "Charlie is a fantastic support and now I think our relationship is a lot stronger because of Ted. But we struggled to find a way to even like each other sometimes in those early days.

"Once I sat upstairs in our bedroom for about four hours trying to feed Ted, feeling so upset and isolated.

"Or there would be nights when I was waking to feed Ted every two hours; Charlie would be snoring beside me while I felt murderous.

"It’s not your partner’s fault he can’t breastfeed, but it’s tough."

In the interview, Alex went on to confess that baby Teddy also changed the couple's more fun side - something she wasn't expecting.

"He said, 'You don’t want to have fun any more.' I was totally crestfallen.

Alex Jones

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"Again, before Ted, I’d thought, 'It’ll be fine; we won’t change as a couple,' but you can’t help it. After a baby, your energy’s depleted and you have double the responsibilities you had before. There are a lot of pressures."

The change of pace also came as a huge adjustment to Alex too, who had been used to working every day for decades before welcoming her newborn.

She confessed to You magazine, "For 20 years I’d gone out to work every day, so in those early weeks when the front door shut behind Charlie in his suit and I was left sitting on the sofa in my stained jogging bottoms, I was, like, 'Aagh! Now what?'

"You have to embrace a different pace and that takes a lot more adjusting to than I expected."

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