The post-coronation moment King Charles could use to showcase special talent

There's a post-coronation moment King Charles could use to showcase his artistic skills as it seems they run in the family

The post-coronation moment King Charles could use revealed. Seen here he visits the Felix Project
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There’s a post-coronation moment King Charles could use to showcase one of his special talents and he wouldn’t be the first royal to do so. 

King Charles’ coronation day is drawing nearer and there have already been several exciting details and posts shared with fans, ranging from insight into Queen Camilla’s coronation crown. Now the Royal Family have given us a fantastic throwback glimpse of another prominent coronation and it could potentially hint at a post-coronation moment King Charles could use to showcase a serious skill of his. Taking to Instagram on April 3, the Royal Family’s official account and the Royal Collection Trust posted about Queen Victoria’s big day 185 years ago. 

As well as showcasing a spectacular full color painting by Sir George Hayter of the moment immediately after Queen Victoria was crowned in 1838, the accounts also gave us a unique glimpse at a personal sketch. 

It seems that Queen Victoria - King Charles’ great-great-great grandmother - was quite the artist! She produced a beautifully drawn pencil sketch of her own coronation which captured the moment the Imperial State Crown was being lowered onto her head. Sat in the coronation chair that His Majesty will also sit in (although King Charles won’t face the Royal Family in it), the Queen can be seen leaning forward ready to receive the crown. 

According to the caption this was drawn “after the event” and they revealed that in her journal, Queen Victoria described that “the Crown [was] placed on my head; which was, I must own, a most beautiful impressive moment”. 

The quality of the sketch is brilliant and it’s possible that King Charles might end up following in the iconic monarch’s footsteps. Whether it’s released at the time might be more debatable, but King Charles could make a sketch of his own coronation at some point.  

King Charles side-by-side with a portrait of Queen Victoria

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The King has already showcased his love of drawing and King Charles’ impressive talent has seen his work being exhibited at Sandringham House. The royal residence’s social media revealed via a post back in March that a selection of watercolors painted by His Majesty would be exhibited from April-October in the ballroom of Sandringham House

“Through over 40 of The King’s watercolors, the creative interpretation of many British geographic landscapes and Royal Residences will be on display,” they explained. 

And King Charles didn’t only inherit artistic skill from Queen Victoria, but from his more direct family too. Prince Philip was known for his own passion for art and more specifically painting - something his and the late Queen’s granddaughter Princess Eugenie opened up about in the BBC’s Prince Philip: The Royal Family Remembers documentary in 2021.

Prince Philip and King Charles listen to speeches together

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Princess Eugenie revealed that Prince Philip had given her a painting he’d made of some flowers as a wedding gift when she married Jack Brooksbank in 2018.

"It was so nice, it's now sitting in my house in London and I'm so proud of it, you know?" she declared.

Whether or not we will see King Charles indulge his own love of painting remains to be seen but many fans would no doubt be excited to see what a coronation self-portrait would look like. 

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