What Jennifer Did: Who is Daniel Wong and where is he now?

'Who is Daniel Wong?' might be the question on your mind after watching Netflix's latest shocking documentary, What Jennifer Did

What Jennifer Did on Netflix
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Daniel Wong's name has been thrust into the spotlight since Netflix aired the new crime documentary What Jennifer Did Next

What Jennifer Did, Netflix's latest true crime hit, tells the harrowing story of crimes committed in a sleepy Canadian town. On 8th November 2010 in the dead of night, masked men broke into the house of Bich Ha Pan and Huei Hann Pan in Markham, Ontario. They killed Bich Ha Pan, leaving her husband Huei Hann Pan in a coma and their daughter Jennifer Pan as the only witness. What seemed at first to be a home invasion gone wrong was quickly discovered to have been something even more sinister. As police investigated, it emerged that 24-year-old Jennifer was seemingly involved in a murder plot along with several others, including her on-off boyfriend Daniel Wong.

The documentary, which is directed by American Murder: The Family Next Door director Jenny Popplewell, has shot straight to the top of the Netflix UK film chart with viewers gripped by its shocking tale. This is everything we know about what happened to Daniel Wong after the details of his and Jennifer's murder plot came to light, what his part in the events was and how the couple first met.

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Who is Daniel Wong? 

Daniel Wong was the boyfriend of Jennifer Pan and both are focused upon in the new Netflix documentary What Jennifer Did. The couple met in High School and began dating, much to the disapproval of Jennifer's parents. Daniel had a bad reputation and was reportedly involved with drugs and crime. 

Jennifer's parents were so protective of her that they began to closely monitor her movements. The documentary tells viewers that her father Huei Hann Pan used to pick her up and drop her off whenever she left the house. Later, he told investigators while he was recovering in hospital, "She has to cease the relationship with Danny Wong. If not, you have to wait until I’m dead."

Jennifer and Daniel broke up briefly and Danny started seeing a woman called Christine. However, the pair rekindled their relationship when Jennifer supposedly asked Danny to help her kill her parents so they could be together and collect a substantial inheritance. When police investigated, they became convinced that Jennifer wasn't telling the whole truth and after getting a warrant for her phone they discovered that she'd paid $10,000 for a hitmen called “homeboy” to enter her family home and kill her father and mother.

It was revealed that “homeboy” was Lenford Crawford and that Daniel Wong had apparently given Jennifer his number. Jennifer, Daniel and the three assailants who had broken into the Pan family's home, Lenford Crawford, David Mylvaganam, and Eric Carty, were eventually arrested and charged.

Where is Daniel Wong now? 

Daniel Wong is currently serving a 25-year prison sentence at the Collins Bay Institution in Kingston for first-degree murder and attempted murder. Jennifer is in prison also serving life in prison, and still maintains her innocence. Daniel, along with Jennifer Pan, David Mylvaganam, Lenford Crawford and Eric Carty were sentenced to life in prison, with no parole for 25 years, according to Canadian news outlet CBC and Carty later passed away.

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Wong, Pan, Mylvaganam and Crawford could now potentially be granted a retrial for the count of first-degree murder. In May 2023, the Ontario Court of Appeal granted them a new trial for their first-degree murder convictions. It was stated that the original trial judge had made an error by instructing the jury that they were only to consider the option of first-degree murder, and not second-degree murder or manslaughter. It's been reported that the Supreme Court of Canada is deciding whether or not it will hear the case.

What Jennifer Did is available to watch on Netflix now.

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