The Son movie trailer sees Laura Dern and Hugh Jackman in dramatic plotline and fans are all saying the same thing

The Son movie trailer has just been released and fans are already excited about this drama-filled movie that already has Oscar buzz

The Son
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The Son is the latest movie from director Florian Zeller that looks into a dysfunctional family as they work to resolve their issues when past mistakes with his son come back to haunt them.

The film has an all-star cast and fans are already predicting that this movie will be raking in the Oscar nominations come Awards season. Particularly seeing as the director's last movie, The Father, starring Anthony Hopkins and Olivia Colman was an outrageous success and received six Academy Award nominations.

Starring in The Son is Laura Dern who starred in Oscar hit, Marriage Story, in 2019. This film earned Laura an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress and focused on a similar story underpinned by a divorce and the trauma it inflicts on the surrounding family members. 

Starring opposite Laura is Hugh Jackman who has been nominated for Academy Awards but has yet to receive this award. Hugh took to Twitter to share his excitement about this movie as he shared the trailer and said "I am honored to present #theson."

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Fans are loving the trailer but many can agree that it is fairly vague, which only adds to the suspense and excitement surrounding the film. So, if you are curious about this new movie, here is everything you need to know about The Son...

Plot of The Son

The plot focuses around a 17 year old named Nicolas who is a child of recently divorced parents. After feeling that he can no longer live with his mother, Nicholas decides to move in with his father, his father's new partner, and their baby.

This then pushes his father, Peter to work on his relationship with his son and reflect on the relationship that he had with his own father. However, by working on his relationship with his dad and thinking about his past errors he ends up struggling to hold onto Nicholas in the present.

Cast of The Son

The cast of this movie is packed with A-listers, many of whom have received Academy Awards or Academy Award nominations. 

The cast stars Hugh Jackman as Peter, Laura Dern as Kate, Peter's ex-wife. Vanessa Kirby plays Peter's new wife Beth, and Anthony Hopkins plays Peter's father. Zen McGrath stars as Peter and Kate's son Nicholas, and George Cobell plays a young Nicholas. 

Trailer for The Son

When will The Son be released?

The Son is set to be released in the US on November 11, 2022. It is then scheduled to be released worldwide in the following weeks.

The Film will be released for critical reviews on September 7, when The Son will premiere at this year's Venice International Film Festival.

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