Nadia Sawalha Shares News Of A Devastating Loss


Nadia Sawalha's Loose Women co-star Kaye Adams has revealed that the 53-year-old has suffered a devastating loss.

Kaye and Nadia share a YouTube channel, and regularly post videos together. But recently, Kaye posted a video to her own Twitter, revealing why the pair has been so quiet on their social media channels recently.

She revealed the heartbreaking news that Nadia has recently lost her Nanny Thelma - her husband Mark's biological grandmother.

On the video, Kaye shared with fans, "Sadly Nadia's family has lost Nanny Thelma, which has been very difficult and very painful for them."

Although Nadia is not biologically related to Nanny Thelma, the presenter has often spoken about her close bond with the 94-year-old, who in the past she has called her own Nanny.

In a piece written for the Mirror in 2013, 53-year-old Nadia shared that she, her husband and their daughters Maddie and and Kiki, were determined to go all out for Nanny Thelma's 90th birthday, because, in her words, "Nanny Thelma deserves to be celebrated".

'It's our dear Nanny Thelma's 90th birthday tomorrow and Mark,' she wrote. 'The girls and I are holed up with her in her cosy seaside bungalow determined to MAKE her celebrate. You see, Nanny Thelma deserves to be celebrated, as do so many of her generation.'

Revealing that she had served in the armed forces, Nadia continued, "Yes, she's Mark's nan really but I've made her mine, too!"

Nadia hasn't appeared on an episode of Loose Women since 21st November, with the heartbreaking news likely explaining her absence.

Nadia also shared an emotional video over on her Instagram following the announcement of the news, containing pictures of Nanny Thelma with her family.


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She thanked fans for their support in a heartfelt post, writing, 'Thank you all so much for your condolences Mark and I have taken real comfort from them ..

'Mark texted me these beautiful words last night that came to him whilst sitting in Nanny Thelma's bungalow.

'I want to share them with you because I think they sum up so perfectly what it means to be loved by your nan... Rest in peace Thelma xx'

She went on to share the text, which included various touching memories of their beloved relative.

She wrote, 'I'm thinking of her walking with me to the Rec day after day to play cricket - the crab fishing - the cinema going - the cannon and ball shows - the ken Dodd shows - the little and large shows...'

In the emotional Twitter video posted by Kaye, she also confessed that she and her family have also been suffering from their own troubles, admitting that her mother has also recently experienced a ‘health setback'.


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Kaye said, "My own mum's had a little bit of a health setback so I have been focussing on that.

She continued, "It's just life I guess. You know, you try and keep all the plates spinning, but there comes times when you've just got to batten down the hatches and focus on what is really, really important. And I'm sure a lot of you will relate to that.

"So please bear with us as we muddle through this middle part of life and all the challenges it throws up."

Nadia also retweeted the emotional video in response.

Fans also flocked to the video message to send their condolences to Nadia, Kaye and their families, with one writing, "Family first. Such awful news, sending comforting hugs to you both at such a difficult time x"

While another social media user said, "Sorry to hear this sending lots to of love hugs your way.... family does come first so please take all the time you need to be with them x".

Our thoughts are with Kaye and Nadia at this tough time.

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