Is Married at First Sight UK scripted and are the weddings legally binding?

As Season 7 of MAFS continues, some fans are wondering if Married at First Sight UK is scripted and if the weddings are actually legitimate?

is Married at First Sight UK scripted
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Season 7 of MAFSUK has launched on E4 and fans are obsessed with the series - but some are wondering if the marriage ceremonies shown are legally binding and if Married at First Sight UK is scripted?

Now that fans can watch Married at First Sight UK from anywhere in the world, the show has a huge cult following and people have become obsessed with the quirky characters that have appeared in the show. 

But how real is this show? With all the drama that takes place in every episode, some fans are genuinely questioning if certain parts of the show are scripted, or if the marriages are really legally binding. Here's what we know...

Is Married at First Sight UK scripted?

Many 'reality' TV shows are scripted, and fans are used to the idea that Made in Chelsea, The Only Way is Essex, and even Love Island, are all a little bit, if not totally scripted. But is Married at First Sight UK scripted?

The official answer from the Married at First Sight team is that the show is unscripted and completely based on reality. Channel 4, the UK providers of the show have called it ‘an unscripted reality series,' further suggesting that it is in fact non-scripted.

However, some participants in the Australian version of the show have claimed that producers have told them what to say in earpieces, and certain scenarios were invented for entertainment. 

Sam Ball from Married at First Sight Australia Season 6, admitted on Instagram that his alleged affair on the show was totally set up. The contestant said, "They [the producers] pulled me into a dark room, a black room, and asked me to do the Ines thing. They set that up. They made Ines DM me on the phone, that was all staged."

Are the weddings in Married at First Sight UK legally binding?

No! The weddings that we see take place on MAFS are not legally binding. The ceremonies are about commitment and promising to stay together but there is no marriage certificate that makes the service valid or legally valid in the eyes of the law.

A spokesperson for the show previously told Metro , "Following the Australian format, rather than legal marriages, the couples will make a lifelong commitment to one another at a glamorous ceremony, overseen by a wedding celebrant, that includes guests, bridal gowns, dancing, speeches, and cake."

While this may be shocking to some, some versions of the show do have legally binding weddings. In the US show, there are prenups built into their marriage to ensure that their assets are protected, the contestants then have an official wedding with a marriage license and certificate. 

Previous seasons of MAFSUK did seem to have legally binding weddings as previous contestants have spoken about having to get divorced. However, this is no longer the case and weddings are no longer binding in the eyes of the law.

Married at First Sight UK is on every Monday to Thursday at 9pm on E4.

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