How to watch Searching for Sugar Man, the phenomenal documentary about Sixto Rodriguez

Wondering how to watch Searching for Sugar Man? Here's how

How to watch Searching for Sugar Man
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Heard of Searching for Sugar Man, the phenomenal documentary featuring Sixto Rodriguez? Here's how to watch it following the news of his death. 

Sixto Rodriguez, who died on August 8, 2023, at 81-years-old, was a legend - and the inspiration behind the popular documentary Searching for Sugar Man. After his death was announced on August 8, a statement was released on his website, offering condolences to Sixto's family as the music legend passed on. 

"It is with great sadness that we at announce that Sixto Diaz Rodriguez has passed away earlier today. We extend our most heartfelt condolences to his daughters – Sandra, Eva and Regan – and to all his family," the statement reads, "Rodriguez was 81 years old. May His Dear Soul Rest In Peace."

How to watch Searching for Sugar Man

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In the music scene, Sixto was known primarily as Rodriguez, going by her surname as his stage persona as he rose to fame in the American singer-songwriter charts. He music didn't become too popular, however, until he became the subject of the HBO documentary Searching for Sugar Man, which was the recipient of the 2012 Academy Award for best documentary feature.  

What is Searching for Sugar Man about?

The documentary features two fans of Rodriguez, who set out on a crazy journey to find out whether the singer is alive or dead. While the documentary was being made, there were rumours spreading that Rodriguez had either shot himself or been killed in South Africa, since he pretty much flew under the radar after his music spiked in popularity in the '70s. 

The documentary proved to be one that captivated the hearts of Sixto fans and those unfamiliar with his music alike. 

"Searching for Sugar Man is a sensitive yet creative documentary. Great for music and film fans alike," one reviewer said of the touching 80 minute documentary. 

The rumours of his death were put to rest after a journalist found him alive and well in Detroit in 1997.

How to watch Searching for Sugar Man

Searching for Sugar Man can be streamed on MAX for those with subscriptions, and those who have Amazon Prime can also watch the documentary for a small fee of $3.99. Unfortunately, it is not available on Netflix.

You can also rent the movie on streaming services like YouTube and the iTunes store, making it relatively accessible to watch this award-winning doc from anywhere in the world. 

Fans have paid tribute to Rodriguez shortly he passed, singing their praises of his music. 

Even Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys made a remembrance post for the singer, saying, "I’m so sorry to hear about Sixto Rodriguez. He toured with us in 2015, and he was a very talented and nice man. Love & Mercy to Sixto’s family and friends," on his Twitter. 

The cause of death is still unknown. 

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