Does Tully die in Firefly Lane season 2? The fate of Katherine Heigl’s fan-favorite character revealed

Does Tully die in Firefly Lane might be the question on your mind as season 2 of the nostalgic Netflix drama takes a truly emotional turn…

Does Tully die in Firefly Lane season 2? Her fate revealed; seen here played by Katherine Heigl

Does Tully die in Firefly Lane season 2 is the ultimate burning question likely on many fans’ minds as Katherine Heigl’s fan-favorite character faces some of the show’s most dramatic moments so far. 

Fans might’ve had to wait over a year to re-join the emotional rollercoaster that is Tully Hart and Kate Malarkey's friendship but Firefly Lane season 2 hasn’t disappointed. Anyone who got up-to-speed with events so far with a Firefly Lane season 1 recap will be pleased to know that perhaps the biggest unanswered question of all has finally been answered. Though with it came some intensely poignant scenes and events that few of us would’ve seen coming as the reason Kate and Tully stopped talking was one of the Firefly Lane book vs show differences

But does Tully die in Firefly Lane? We reveal what happened to the TV journalist after season 2 had us fearing the worst…

*Warning: Major spoilers ahead!*

Katherine Heigl in Firefly Lane season 2


Does Tully die in Firefly Lane?

After the shocking flashforward and then the events of season 2 episode 7, it’s no surprise that some people were left fearing for the talk show host’s life, but thankfully, no, Tully doesn’t die in Firefly Lane. Even before we reached this heart-wrenching episode, a flashforward dropped heavy hints that a devastating incident was on the cards for one of our favorite characters in the form of a car crash around 2004. Then, in episode 7 of Firefly Lane season 2 it’s revealed that Tully wasn’t the one killed in the crash after all.

Katherine Heigl as Tully in Firefly Lane


But she was involved in it - alongside bestie Kate’s daughter Marah - only Marah wasn’t supposed to be in the car at all. Kate tasked Tully with babysitting Marah who was supposed to be grounded. Wanting to be a cool babysitter, Tully later agreed to let Marah go to the movies with her crush, Ashley.

From there things quickly got out of hand and Marah and Ashley ended up at a frat party. Little knowing what was going down, Tully had already drunk some wine at home when she received a call from a panicked Marah who felt unsafe at the party. Tully immediately went to the rescue and picked Kate’s daughter up, but it was on the way home that disaster struck. 

Yael Yurman as Marah in Firefly Lane

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Tully was driving when a truck ran a red light and collided with her car, leaving her fate and that of Marah hanging in the balance. Thankfully, despite being rushed to the hospital with injuries both Tully and Marah are later revealed to be very much alive. Although the accident technically hadn’t been Tully’s fault this didn’t mean much to a distraught Kate and Johnny when they learnt what had happened.

Not only had Tully allowed Marah out of the house (something that Kate had told her not to do) but she had driven their child whilst under the influence and had been involved in a major car accident. 

Katherine Heigl and Sarah Chalke in Firefly Lane season 2


So whilst we didn't see Marah or Tully die in Firefly Lane, it was the events surrounding the crash that were ultimately the reason Tully and Kate stopped talking. Despite all Tully's attempts to apologize, Kate refused to forgive her best friend for putting her daughter in danger.

Patient fans were likely just as thrilled to finally get the answer to this burning question after watching their catastrophic falling-out play out in season 1’s Firefly Lane ending as they were sad to see the beginning of Kate and Tully’s rift. Though it’s already been made clear so far in season 2 part 1 that Kate has come to regret cutting off Tully completely.

Sarah Chalke as Kate in Firefly Lane

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And as episode 9’s crushing cliff-hanger to end part 1 showed, there’s no-one Kate would want to turn to in the worst of times than Tully, despite all that had happened following the crash. Now as some viewers perhaps hope things will change and we’ll get a Firefly Line season 3, all we can do is wait for season 2 part 2 to see if a proper reunion happens for Kate and Tully.

Firefly Lane season 1 and Firefly Lane season 2 part 1 are available to watch on Netflix now.

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