Brightland just released a new candle that has the power to mask all of those cooking smells coming from your kitchen

Fishy odors, be gone!

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The remnants of a fish feast or garlicky pasta threaten to linger in your home for days, but this new Brightland Candle will combat even the strongest stenches. For those who are anxious to add the best-scented candles to your shopping cart, you've struck gold. 

The California-based olive oil company decided to dip its toe into new water with its Digestif candle. As the name suggests, it is the after-dinner treat for your abode, and it'll make sure the kitchen—and the rest of your house—stays fresh long after your family dinner or holiday meals wrap up. It includes, naturally, the brand's olive oil, California soy, as well as hints of neroli, vetiver, and black pepper, according to Brightland.

"The natural properties within Brightland olive oil allow the scent to have a home, plus the oil adds an herbaceous goodness," the brand wrote on Instagram. 

If we didn't know better, it sounds like we might need two.

The 8-ounce candle ($42) can burn up to 40 hours and is perfect to use either while you are cooking or after you've finished preparing your meal. It's vegan, paraben, and phthalate-free, according to the Brightland website. Plus, you'll feel even better about the purchase knowing it was made with recycled glass. (Smart and sustainable!)

The next time you have a hankering for garlic and sage scallops that you might've accidentally smoldered into your cast iron skillet, your digs won't smell like a fish market for two weeks straight. (Been there, done that.) 

Now that you won't have to stress about what you do in the kitchen, feel free to tackle any recipe your heart desires: yes, even scallops. We can certainly help you find something that the whole family will love.

Danielle Valente

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