The innovative oven and hob ranges that will help aspiring chefs get creative in the kitchen

Investing in the right appliances can make all the difference!

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Cooking can either be a joy or a chore. But, as well as the right attitude, it’s having the right appliance that can make getting creative in the kitchen a more streamlined experience. 

Kitchen tech is rapidly evolving and we’ve reached a point now where the humble oven can help improve your cooking skills ten-fold, not to mention make kitchen cleaning so much easier, too. 

NEFF Slide&Hide® Ovens are the only oven with a disappearing door. This means cooks get much closer access to the oven, making tasting, basting and monitoring food much easier. As the Masterchef judges always say, a chef should always be sampling their dishes throughout the cooking process to ensure flavours are on point. This nifty feature doesn’t compromise the Slide&Hide®’s aesthetics, with the sliding door hiding smoothly under the oven cavity. But that’s not the only plus when it comes to choosing a NEFF Slide&Hide® Oven, with a wealth of innovative features that make it a savvy oven choice for both aspiring and expert chefs who want to try something new. 

Another great choice for homeowners who want to save time on cleaning is NEFF’s range of Pyrolytic Self-Cleaning Ovens, which make oven scrubbing a thing of the past. With the touch of a button, you can reduce the food deposits and grease in your oven to ash, waiting to be simply wiped away. The dream!

While we love to cook a Sunday roast, followed by a tasty crumble, roasting and baking can leave grease and residue splattered everywhere, which can be quite tiresome to clean afterward. But when you activate the Pyrolytic Self-Cleaning cycle, the oven reaches a high temperature and burns off any baking, roasting and grilling spatter and residue into dust, ready to be wiped away with a cloth. 

Woman sliding food into a NEFF oven

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What special features do NEFF Slide&Hide® Ovens and NEFF Pyrolytic Self-Cleaning Ovens have? 

  • Built with pyrolytic enamel Pyrolytic lining absorbs grease and food at high temperatures, for a cleaner oven.
  • Electric heating This means the temperature stays consistent throughout the oven. 
  • Slide&Hide door This clever function slides away under the oven, meaning you won’t ever have to battle with the door in the way when removing food. 
  • Quadruple door glazing Keeps heat contained inside & keeps the exterior door surface cooler.
  • Two-year guarantee

NEFF also offers a brilliant range of induction hobs. Neff Flex induction hobs range is particularly useful for ambitious cooks who like to have multiple induction pans on the go at the same time. Not to mention sociable cooks who are juggling pans while entertaining guests at the same time. The Neff Flex induction hob range allows for induction pans to be placed anywhere on the hob unit, heating them exactly where they stand. The beauty of induction cooking is that it allows for almost instant heat, generated directly into your cookware, giving cooks much more control over their food.

TouchControl, which is a feature available on many of the induction units, allows you to get started with a single touch - handy for those who are cooking dinner up in a hurry! 

What special features do NEFF Induction Hobs have? 

  • Choose between 1-5 burners Depending on your cooking needs.
  • Electric heating This means the temperature stays consistent.
  • TouchControl For a faster and more controlled cooking experience.
  • Safer to use Heats up faster than a standard electric hob
  • Easy to clean
  • Two-year guarantee

The best place to get a brilliant deal on NEFF Ovens and NEFF Induction Hobs

If you’re looking for the best place to shop the NEFF oven and induction pan ranges, try John Lewis. You are guaranteed a great price for your chosen cookware item, from a household name you can trust. 

Each product on John Lewis’ website comes with detailed shopper reviews, to help you choose the right product. Plus, their two-year guarantee on ovens and induction pans means you’ll be able to replace your product easily, should there be a technical fault. 

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