The very poignant reason people are donating phones and tablets to the NHS

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NHS donations
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With the coronavirus pandemic requiring us all to stay at home, it's been harder to spend time with loved ones. And NHS wards are particularly affected by this.

As a result of this, the NHS has seen an increase in donations to support those in need.

Among these are dozens of tablets and mobile phones with audio and visual call capabilities.

A new Facebook group called the NHS Kindness Wishlist has gained over 16,000 members in less than two weeks.

People have happily provided donations to the NHS to support both staff and patients during this time.

Welsh resident Sara Platt set up the group, and revealed, "It's just grown and grown and now we help all hospitals in Wales".

She added, "It started with tea, coffee, biscuits, sweets, which went on to tablets, phones, toothpaste, hand sanitiser and tooth brushes."

Tragically, people in hospital or care homes have passed away without seeing family due to heavy restrictions placed on wards across the country.

NHS donations

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Sara explained, "If they can get a tablet or a mobile phone, it allows people to speak to their family before they die.

"We had an emergency request the other day. Two nurses contacted me and they were really emotional because their patients couldn't see their family before they die.

"We put a post up and five tablets and five phones were sent the next day."

Sara was inspired to start the Facebook page after her one-year-old son Kohan was rushed to hospital with suspected coronavirus.

After finding out he wasn't infected, she wanted to continue the group to help others and now creates "wish lists" with suggestions for NHS donations.

NHS Kindness Wishlist is active daily, with people doing what they can to donate.

As well as essential supplies, treats such as Easter eggs were distributed to patients during the bank holiday weekend.

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