What’s In A HelloFresh Box?

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Jane Curran unboxes HelloFresh

You've probably heard of HelloFresh, the recipe box scheme that delivers all the ingredients that you'll need to make its recipes to your door, all measured out for you and ready to cook.

It's one of several recipe kits on the market and a completely different way to shop for food. There's no shopping lists, no planning or deciding what to buy, whether you're in the supermarket or food shopping online - and as everything arrives already weighed out, it makes cooking quicker and means there's absolutely no waste.

At around £4 per person per meal, it's cheaper than a takeaway and better for you. Sound too good to be true? We had to try it out in the test kitchen...

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HelloFresh recipe box review

HelloFresh's classic recipe box for two has all the ingredients you'll need for three meals - in this case, chorizo and beef burgers with red onion marmalade, pan fried chicken with leeks and spicy lentils and paprika pork with crushed new potatoes and butterbean stew.

There is everything in the box you'll need to make the recipes, apart from olive oil, which everyone should have in their storecupboards.

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The top layer of the recyclable cardboard box is filled with fresh produce - bagged salad leaves, Isle of Wight tomatoes and peppers among the ingredients, all smooth and fresh. Underneath, there's a layer of heavier items, including tins of beans and lentils. The chilled items are kept together in a bag for freshness, including chicken, minced steak and chorizo. Inside, you'll also find recipe cards with clear instructions.

woman&home Food Director Jane Curran made the burgers with red onion marmalade. Watch our unboxing video to see the box and to find out how the burgers turned out, plus Jane's extra tips.

"It's really easy to follow," says Jane. "I love the fact there's no waste and there's no shopping; it's all delivered. It's all fresh and really good quality ingredients, which I think is fantastic. For me, I'd have a little bit more balsamic vinegar, but we have a bottle in the cupboard anyway because I like my salads a bit punchy.

"Although the recipe says not to compress the beef too tightly, I would because it's at risk of falling apart a little bit. But it doesn't alter the delicious flavour. All in all, it's taken me about half an hour, and supper's ready. Nutritious, delicious, no waste - and cheaper than a takeaway."