Parsnip Recipes

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  • Parsnip recipes that show you that parsnips can be roasted, made into soup, crisps, mashed and even into cakes. Give them a go this weekend

    Parsnips are such a versatile vegetable, they make wonderful sweet and savoury dishes, and mixed with other veg, make for a delicious meal. You can mash them, roast them, make them into soup, into crisps, soups, as an alternative topping or side to your pie and plenty more. Find your parsnip recipe inspiration in our gallery and get cooking with this wonderful ingredient. 

    Parsnips are in season from September until March, which makes them a real winter staple. This root vegetable is perfect comfort food when roasted alongside a good cut of pork, lamb or beef, and it also makes a great alternative topping for your shepherd?s pie. You can make it into a soup to warm you up on the coldest of days or even bake it into a dessert for an extra earthy flavour. 

    Parsnips are naturally quite sweet, and although you might be surprised, they are great in cakes. We have a lovely orange and parsnip cake for you to try that features two very wintery flavours. It?s perfectly nutty and moist and makes a wonderful alternative to carrot cake. 
    Our roasted parsnips and carrots in caramel (pictured) go great with any roast meat you choose to have. The caramel adds extra stickiness, without making this recipe too sweet. As they are naturally quite sweet and nutty, the caramel just enhances this flavour, without overpowering. 
    For a really impressive main that?s great for when you’re expecting guests round, try our beef bourguignon with potato and parsnip mash. The mash is perfectly smooth and the sweetness contrasts the savoury stew perfectly. Alternatively, make them into crisps to top our smoked haddock risotto with quail?s eggs. 

    Whether you?re looking for a quick midweek meal or something more elaborate to try at the weekend, we?ve got all the parsnip recipes you?re after. 
    Click through for more of our favourite parsnip recipes and try your hand at one of them this weekend?