The Bake Off Finalists' Best Bits

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Great British Bake Off

Over seven series' of Bake Off, we've seen some fantastic show stoppers, some tears, some disasters (think baked Alaska-gate, series six), a lot of sweaty brows and a few soggy bottoms, and this current series certainly hasn't disappointed on any of these fronts.

Whilst we brace ourselves for tonight's series finale, we wanted to give you a little recap on our three finalists; their best bits, their let-down moments and their most glam bakes. So as we prepare ourselves to hear 'Ready, steady bake' one final time this year, here's our low-down on Andrew, Candice and Jane - the final three left standing!


As an aerospace engineer, it was only to be expected that Andrew's bakes would be meticulously executed with unrivalled precision, and for the most-part they certainly have been.

Andrew's Best Bits

Winning the coveted Star Baker title twice, first in episode seven and for a second time in the semi-final, Andrew impressed the judges during Dessert week, coming first in the technical challenge with his Marjolaine cake and then further ticking the judges' boxes with his showstopper of mini mousses on a homemade Ferris wheel (that might be the engineer in him). His light, airy mousses and unrivalled presentation skills won him that golden star!

Andrew's Lows

Episode six held a few touch-and-go moments for Andrew where he struggled to get to grips with the botanicals challenge. Waiting to hear who would be voted off, Andrew's lip trembled and then relief quickly flooded his face, as it was revealed he would remain in the Bake Off tent.


Even if PE teacher Candice doesn't win this years' GBBO, you can't fault her for her unwavering commitment to going above and beyond at every stage. Many of her bakes had the wow-factor and paid off - a few, not so much so, but she's certainly given it her all.

Candice's Best Bits

Who can forget Candice's gingerbread 'stories' challenge in episode two! She recreated her parents' pub, featuring them in mini, edible form inside and even including her brother playing pool too which was revealed to the judges once they removed the roof. Winning Star Baker for this fab creation, Mary even admitted she was "dying" to see what was hiding beneath the roof.

That wasn't enough for Candice, however. She came back, winning Star Baker once again in episode five during Pastry Week. Not content with three-tiers during episode six, Botanical Week, Candice went one better and did four, much to the delight of the judges!

Candice's Lows

Bread week was not Candice's friend and after a raw loaf served up to harsh judges Mary and Paul, she was sure she was leaving. Her failed chocolate loaf left her in tears and feeling embarrassed, especially when Paul, in no uncertain terms, told her it was dreadful. Luckily for Candice, her let-down moments have been few and far between!


We've shared some highs and lows with lovely garden designer Jane, who always awaits the judges' verdict with slightly moist eyes, as if just on the cusp of tears and a certain modesty about her. Maybe that's why we love her - or maybe it's because she somehow manages to get it right every time (well, nearly!).

Jane's Best Bits

She managed to beat the other contestants in episode one to win Star Baker for her light genoise sponge and glossy cake - just as Mary and Paul requested. Of the three finalists, she's the only one to have won the title only once, but her home-style bakes and fluffy sponges have kept her in at every stage and won the approval of the judges.

Jane's Lows

"Am I the only person who can't make caramel?" she declared in episode seven when she couldn't quite get it right for the Technical Challenge. She didn't help herself much when she rolled up her Swiss roll the wrong way in episode seven and her fondant fancies in the semi-final weren't winning her any prizes either. They were chunky, garish and certainly not elegant, but she more than made up for that with their delicate taste and well-balanced flavours.

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