8 Women Changing The Way We Eat

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Wellness? Mindfulness? Spiraliser? Meet 8 healthy foodies bringing these words to the mainstream. A new wave of women are making their mark on the food scene, revolutionising not just how we eat but our whole lifestyles. It may seem like a big job, but with everything from recipes and videos to supperclubs and classes, they know what they're doing and look great for it! So for new ways with nut butters and exactly what to do with chia seeds, we suggest you follow these inspirational foodies...

Deliciously Ella

Who...?Whole foods foodie Ella Woodward

About...After being diagnosed with a rare illness, Ella turned to holistic methods for a cure and overnight she began a whole foods, plant-based diet. Her blog is packed with innovative recipes, beautiful pictures and reviews. With a best-selling debut cookery book, app, cookery classes and supperclubs under her belt, Ella has taken whole, natural foods to the masses.

Signature dish...Sweet potato brownies

Hemsley + Hemsley

Who...?Spiralising sisters Jasmine and Melissa Hemsley

About... The pair run a bespoke food delivery service, showcasing recipes in development and delicious dishes that you can make at home from their book, The Art of Eating Well. They've created a business based on nutrient dense cooking that is free of grain, gluten and refined sugars - and you're allowed meat and wine! Signature dish... Beef ragu and courgetti

Honestly Healthy

Who...?Fridge Fill founder Natasha Corrett About...Alkaline dieting and avoiding acid-forming foods including caffeine, meat, sugar and dairy changed her life in more ways than one. Daughter of celebrity interior designer Kelly Hoppen and restaurateur Graham Corrett, Natasha had the perfect grounding for a successful and beautiful healthy eating business. Starting with her Fridge Fill service, she now has three best-selling books and is a health food ambassador.

Signature dish...Green machine smoothie

Madeleine Shaw

Who...?Yoga teaching nutritionist Madeleine Shaw

About...Moving to Australia showed Madeleine how easy being healthy could be and when she returned to the UK, she studied nutrition and began taking private clients for menu consultation. Now teaching yoga and cookery classes, she is all about health improvement. Her easy to follow videos make it easy too! Look out for her book, Get the Glow.

Signature dish...Seared sea bass with lentil and kale salad

Anna Jones

Who...? Veggie ex Jamie Oliver food stylist

About... After earning her chef stripes with Jamie Oliver and cooking for royalty, rock stars and everyone in between, Anna went freelance as a stylist. Since then, she has written recipes for innocent, Jamie magazine and numerous nationwide publications. Follow her for delicious, pretty and unique vegetarian recipes.

Signature dish... Sweet potato quesadillas

Tanya Maher

Who...?Rawtarian entrepreneur About...A top holisitic health coach and raw food fanatic, Tanya has been spreading the Better Raw way of life for more than 10 years. She covers everything from meditation retreats to the newest trends in raw food and drink. Head to Tanya's Café in Chelsea to try her delicious raw flaxseed crepes, made with more than 30 hours in a dehydrator and rolled with fresh fruit and coconut cream. Oh, and a superfood cocktail. Signature dish...Medicinal mushroom latte

Julie Montagu

Who...?The flexi foodie

About...You may recognise Julie, married to the future Earl of Sandwich, from TV show Ladies of London. The certified yoga instructor, health coach and former model has released her first book, Superfoods, and even has a Super Healthy Options menu at London restaurant Bumpkin. Signature dish...Green kale and spinach soup with quinoa and seven seed pancake

Amber Rose

Who...?Nourishing chef and baker Amber Rose

About...Food stylist to Gwyneth Paltrow's goop.com and co-author of lifestyle book with Sadie Frost and Holly Davidson, Amber Rose made her name baking gluten-free treats for Gwyneth, Sadie and Kate Moss. Her site is packed with beautiful photos and sweet and savoury guilt-free treats. "There's a lot of going back to the original natural foods at the moment," she tells w&h. "I don't really buy anything processed. I keep things as simple as possible using whole ingredients. It's just as quick to make an omelette as it is to put something in the microwave." One of her latest projects has been to develop a series of natural recipes for Steens Manuka Honey.

Signature dish...Poached eggs with cauliflower toasts

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