The Crown season 3 has a new trailer but there’s a historical inaccuracy in it

Did you notice this?

The Crown

We’ve all seen the teasers for the latest season of The Crown, but we’ve finally been given a proper look at the characters now they’ve aged up.

Straight away, the drama is clear. We see Queen Elizabeth II, now played by Olivia Colman, struggling to deal with a changing Britain and coming to terms with how she is no longer the young monarch she once was.

In the trailer, a worried Queen Elizabeth admits, “This country was still great when I came to the throne, all that’s happened on my watch is that the place has fallen apart”

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We also get our first glimpse at Helena Bonham Carter as Princess Margaret, the Queen’s younger sister, as she tries her best to reassure Queen Elizabeth that she “cannot flinch” and that the monarchy will “paint over the cracks”.

A key event in the new season is the Queen’s Silver Jubilee, with a radio presenter announcing, "This is Jubilee day. This is a day as grueling as the Queen's coronation 25 years ago."

But despite the series trying to be as historically accurate as possible, it seems they may have slipped up as the trailer reveals some incorrect information.

As spotted by one eagle-eyed fan Joe Little, Editor of Majesty Magazine, "Interesting. The Silver Jubilee was 24 years after the coronation, not 25."

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Whilst this inaccuracy might have gone over some viewer’s heads, it’s definitely been spotted by big royal fans among us. The Queen ascended to the throne in 1952, but her coronation took place in June 1953.

However, series creator Peter Morgan has previously admitted to taking artistic license with events throughout its two seasons, meaning it might not always be one hundred per cent accurate.

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Speaking to The Telegraph, he said, "It's as if I was painting a portrait – I can't take my hand out of it, whereas if absolute accuracy was all you were after you would take a photograph with flat light. But that's not what we're doing here."

He added, “You try to get yourself into her head and respond to the challenges she faces. There are times when I would really like her to respond in a certain way, but after a while you sort of know, 'She would never have said that.' But what do I know? I’ve never met the woman."

Despite this mistake being pointed out, we’re still very excited for the new season of The Crown, which commences on 17th November. The wait is almost over!

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