Nadia Sawalha has just shared some very exciting career news - and we can't wait

Nadia Sawalha

Loose Women panellist Nadia Sawalha has shared some exciting news, and it involves her family too.

Since winning Celebrity MasterChef, Nadia has made it clear that she loves cooking and good food. In fact, she frequently shares some of her delicious creations on Instagram, and has also released cookbooks in the past.

But now, we get to enjoy way more of Nadia’s brilliant cooking, because she’s getting her very own ITV cooking show! Alongside husband Mark Adderley, she revealed on her Instagram stories, “I am getting my own TV show called Nadia's Family Feasts!”

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She also added that she was excited about having her name in the title, explaining, “When I went for the meeting with the producer and I was sitting there and were talking about the show. Because before I went for the meeting I thought I would be really cool. I asked what the show would be called and I went what, like, me?

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“And then I was so excited! Maybe it's just egotistical but there is something really exciting about your name being in the title. So that's ITV, so thank you ITV, I love you.”

On top of sharing delicious meals on Instagram, Nadia also cooks on the family’s YouTube channel, simply titled Nadia Sawalha and Family, where she also announced the big news to subscribers.

Their channel is dedicated to “family, films, food and fun” and they currently have over 81,000 subscribers on there. We love seeing what the family get up to, and their opinions on things!

The star has even released cookbooks over the years, with titles such as ‘Fabulous Family Food’, and ‘Nadia and Kaye – Disaster Chef’ alongside co-presenter Kaye Adams.

We’re so excited to see Nadia Sawalha and family cooking on our screens too, and we’re sure they’ll be able to give us plenty of foodie inspiration.

Will you be watching the new programme?