What the May 2021 Saturn Retrograde means for you

Don't worry, this isn't like Mercury Retrograde

Saturn planet in solar system, close-up - stock photo
(Image credit: Science Photo Library - MARK GARLICK.)

Most of us have probably heard of Mercury Retrograde—it's usually what we blame when things in our life go wrong—but not all planet retrogrades are as daunting. Saturn is headed into retrograde soon, and as the planet that symbolizes karma making decisions and setting boundaries may be influenced during this period.

Starting May 23 and ending October 10, Saturn will go into retrograde, marking a period of self-guiding.

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What happens during Saturn Retrograde?

On a more technical note, this is when Saturn appears to be moving backward. Don't be alarmed though, planets can't change direction, and this is only an illusion. This also doesn't mean that your life is suddenly going to spin out of control either, that's not what Saturn represents. 

This typically occurs every 12 months for a four-month period of time and provides an interesting illusion while also helping to guide us in the right direction spiritually.

What Saturn Retrograde means for you

Think of Saturn as the parent of the planets. Since it's in the astrological sign of Aquarius, independence is a huge theme. Saturn also represents authority, self-discipline, and restriction, which is essential in helping to guide you in the right life direction. 

For the next few months, you may be feeling a little slow, but this shouldn't be taken as a bad sign. It's more of a reminder to take time to rest and think through your decisions. Remember those days when your parents would sit back and see if you could make a big life decision on your own (like what college you wanted to go to or whether you wanted to play soccer v. basketball)? Well, this is exactly what Saturn will attempt to do during its retrograde. 

Take advantage of this opportunity to think through your decisions and trust your gut. As a planet of authority, this is also the perfect opportunity to begin building boundaries. If this is something you struggle to do, let Saturn's helpful guidance steer you.

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