Zara and Mike Tindall confuse Australian interviewer with tropical background

The royal couple showed off their funny side in their most recent interview

Zara and Mike Tindall confuse interviewer with background
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Zara and Mike Tindall left an Australian presenter momentarily confused during their latest interview, after the couple appeared on screen against an unlikely background setting. 

  • Zara and Mike Tindall confused an Australian host in their most recent video interview, after editing their background to resemble a tropical location. 
  • The Queen's granddaughter and her husband had hoped to fly to Australia to attend a horseracing event last week but were unable to do so due to Covid restrictions. 
  • In other royal news, Prince Charles dodges awkward question about Prince Andrew.

It may not be sunny in Britain right now, but Zara and Mike Tindall aren't going to let that dampen their spirits. 

The Queen's granddaughter and her rugby star husband showed off their playful nature in a recent video interview with an Australian horseracing channel, tweaking their backdrop to resemble the idyllic scenery of the tropical country. 

The couple had hoped to fly Down Under for the Gold Coast Star Magic Millions Racing Carnival this year after missing the event in 2020, but were forced to cancel their plans due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. 

They subsequently had to virtually attend the Queensland race day from their residence of Gatcombe Park in England, where nighttime temperatures are currently a bitter -1(C). 

Rather than wallow in the disappointment, however, Zara and Mike decided to get creative and embrace their inner Aussie. 

In an interview shared on the Magic Millions' Instagram page on Saturday, the royal couple can be seen smiling against a background with a blue sky, a sandy beach, and a palm tree. The host appeared surprised by the unlikely setting, asking them, "Are you on the Gold Coast, Hawaii, or somewhere fictitious?”

It was at this moment that Mike, who was dressed in a floral shirt and tan jacket, confessed to using technology to brighten up their day. 

"Yeah, we're trying to feel like we're on the Gold Coast," he said. "It's about -1 outside and miserable and pitch black." 

"We are so missing the warmth," Zara added. "Last year was definitely a no-no on coming down and this year was kind of almost there and really itching to get out there." 

When questioned on his wardrobe choice—a far cry from his usual suit and tie—Mike joked, "I have to apologize for that. I've come straight from a Dick Diggler audition. I didn't get it. Apparently, there's something not quite right about me." 

"That is true," Zara laughed.

The light-hearted appearance comes just a week after Mike revealed it's harder to exercise with three kids. The former British rugby player admitted he's been struggling to find time to work out ever since the birth of the couple's third child, Lucas. 

"Since the young man's come along, time disappears, which I'm noticing a lot more when you've got three children," he explained to his podcast co-host, Alex Payne. He added that he hopes to up his fitness regime soon, acknowledging that it helps him feel "mentally better" too. 

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