The sweet signs that show Zara and Mike Tindall are still very much in love

Loved up couple alert!

Zara Tindall and Mike Tindall look loved up at Royal Ascot
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Zara and Mike Tindall look just as loved-up as ever before at Royal Ascot 2021, proving the third addition to their already busy household hasn't left a dent on their relationship.

Zara and Mike Tindall are a breath of fresh air every time they attend a royal engagement. Their incredibly down-to-earth nature makes them extremely popular among royal fans. 

Not only was their loved-up display at Royal Ascot earlier this week Zara's first public outing since she gave birth on the bathroom floor just three months ago (aside from Prince Philip's funeral), it was also Mike and Zara's first proper day date together since the arrival of little Lucas.

And, while sleep anxiety and snappiness are all common side effects of the newborn phase, psychologist Judi James says nothing seems to have changed between Zara and rugby player Mike.

Zara Tindall and Mike Tindall look loved up at Royal Ascot

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Upon analyzing the pictures of the couple at Royal Ascot, Judi tells us, "Zara and Mike always look like the royals that are having the best time. Tactile and demonstrative, they seem to enjoy every outing, whether it’s as a couple or as a family with their children. 

"On this first public outing since their new baby, the signals are that nothing has changed on that front, with Mike still grinning happily while Zara gazes at him lovingly."

While it's not common practice for royals to show public displays of affection, Mike and Zara can get away with it as they remain on the periphery of the institution.

Zara Tindall and Mike Tindall look loved up at Royal Ascot

Zara and Mika Tindall enjoying a day out together 

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Despite being the Queen's granddaughter, Zara was not given a royal title by her mother Princess Anne—something Meghan and Harry have chosen to follow in the footsteps of.

This has meant Zara has enjoyed a relatively private life with husband Mike at their Gatcombe Park home. And it's clearly doing wonders for their relationship. 

Judi reveals, "Zara’s back-touch with Mike here looks like a very loving tie-sign as she leans in towards him to get his attention."

"When they hold hands it is with the fingers entwined in the kind of gesture of intimacy and closeness you often only see it the early days of a relationship and the way that they both walk, with energy and open postures, suggests a very mirrored, like-minded and positive view of life."

Zara Tindall and Mike Tindall look loved up at Royal Ascot

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Just like her grandmother, Zara is also a huge horse enthusiast and even competed in Equestrian at the Olympics, so it's no surprise she looked in high spirits at Royal Ascot.

The Duchess of Cornwall recently described the Queen's equestrian interests as her "passion in life," and given Zara's success, we'd say the same thing is true of her.

Camilla told ITV Racing, "Well I think this is her passion in life and she loves it, and you can tell how much she loves it."

"She could tell you every horse she's bred and owned from the very beginning - she doesn't forget anything. I can hardly remember what I bred a year ago but she's encyclopedic about her knowledge."

We look forward to seeing whether Her Majesty will make an appearance at Royal Ascot later this week. 

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