Royal Family gather as Queen honored with moving tribute at Festival of Remembrance

The late Queen was honored at the Festival of Remembrance on Saturday night as the Royal Family gathered in the Royal Albert Hall

Royal Family at the Festival of Remembrance
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The Royal Family attended the Festival of Remembrance in London this weekend, as tributes were paid to those who have died in wars.

King Charles III, and Camilla, the Queen consort, led senior members of the Royal Family as they sat in a box at the Royal Albert Hall and paid tribute to the soldiers who have died at war. 

The King and Queen were joined by William and Catherine, the Prince and Princess of Wales, Prince Edward and Sophie, the Countess of Wessex, and Princess Anne and her husband Vice Admiral Sir Tim Laurence. Other family members included, the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester, plus the Duke of Kent and Princess Alexandra.

Festival of Remembrance

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During the event, there was a special tribute to the late Queen Elizabeth II. A video of the Queen was played and paid tribute to her service in the Auxiliary Territorial Service which she enlisted in as a teenager towards the end of World War II. 

A clip also played of the Queen as she spoke about the 'tremendous contribution that the Armed Forces have made to the standing and reputation' of Britain throughout the world during her 70-year-long reign.

Clips showed the Queen driving an ambulance, holding a gun, on horseback, and saluting while in full military clothing. The tribute also showed the late Prince Philip looking dapper in his military uniform as he served in the Navy.

In the tribute, the Queen was heard saying, "It is a tradition, of very long-standing, that the sovereign and Royal Family are intimately associated with the Armed Forces and have been proud to serve in all three services." The video then cut to images of Prince William in his RAF uniform and smiling as the Queen passed him during an inspection.

During the Festival of Remembrance, eagle-eyed fans noticed a sweet moment between Prince William and Catherine as the royal couple leaned in closely to whisper to each other during the event. 

Fans loved this sweet moment between the royal couple and some took to social media to compliment the pair. "They are such a Beautiful Couple," said one fan. "In their own little world," said another.

Prince William

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Following this Remembrance event, there will be a bigger event on Remembrance Sunday that will see the Royal Family gather once again in London. It has been suggested that the royals are set for a particularly emotional Remembrance Sunday this year as they mark the event without the Queen for the first time.

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