Prince Charles labeled ‘ahead of his time’ after emotive speech

Prince Charles made an emotional plea to, ‘put nature back at the heart of the equation’

Prince Charles
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Prince Charles has spoken about the importance of adopting sustainable farming practices in a passionate speech that fans are calling ‘ahead of his time.’

Speaking on BBC Radio 4's Today Programme, Prince Charles talked about his desire for a more sustainable approach to farming, saying, “Around 35 years ago, I set out to show it was viable to adopt a sustainable approach to farming so that we could produce nutritious food without destroying the solid that grows it."

“Year after year I watched with increasing concern as many of this country’s precious landscapes were slowly diminished in the name of efficiency."

He continued, “Such has been the damage to the natural systems we depend upon, we must achieve profound and rapid change to reverse it."

“We must put nature back at the heart of the equation.”

The clip of Prince Charles speaking passionately about sustainable farming has also been posted to the Clarence House Instagram page where fans were quick to praise his musings.

One commenter said, “I admire the years you devoted to this Sir. We need so many on board around the world in my opinion.”

“Ahead of his time!” said another fan, while another agreed that the Prince was “Right all along.”

Others, however, were more interested in something else in the video. One commenter said, “I love his voice. I could listen to him. All day! Your Royal Highness, I like your creative approach to farming. A terrific approach to save your soil and land! Congratulations!”

Prince Charles

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If left unchecked, soil erosion could mean crops will become scarce and farming land could become useless due to lack of nutrient-rich soil. 

This issue has been a focus for farmers for many years but only recently has it started to be discussed by those outside of the industry.

Prince Charles has been aware of the issue for over 30 years with his numerous royal visits to farms demonstrating his dedication to the cause. 

"Our current approach is encouraging small family farmers to the wall. If they go it will quite simply rip the heart out of the British countryside and break the backbone of Britain's rural communities."

He argues that if current food production continues at the current rate the approach will lead to a "dead-end" not only for farmers but also for our planet.

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