You'll Never Guess Which Famous Actor Nadia Sawalha Is Related To

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Live on Loose Women yesterday, presenter Andrea McLean announced that one of the Loose ladies was about to announce a big family connection to a very famous British actor.

The Loose Women veteran presenter told the audience that one of the women on the panel would reveal that they had very recently discovered a connection to a popular, former Eastenders actor.

It was unveiled that it was in fact Nadia Sawalha who shared DNA with the popular star, Larry Lamb!

He and son George Lamb, who is also a TV presenter, were guests on the show, and were told that one of the Loose Women had recently found out they were related them.

The father/son duo presumed that their long-lost relative would be Denise Van Outen, given that all three of them hail from Essex.

However, the news wasn't announced until the very end of the show, with a rather dramatic spotlight unveiling from Andrea.

And when it was announced, Larry and his son appeared genuinely shocked by the revelation. Nadia giggled as the news was revealed, and explained how she'd come to know about the strange family link.

George asked, "How does that work?"

She then told a shocked looking Larry and George, "It's so bizarre because as you know my family are great fans of your family.

"So I text my mum and dad and said, ‘You must come and see the show today because the Lambs are on'

"And she said, ‘Oh, we can't come'"

She continued, "But my mum texted me this morning and said 'you must make sure you tell them about the DNA test' -she did this DNA test where you find your family heritage, and you are a cousin on my mum's side."

She then shook hands with her new-found family members, joking, "Welcome cousin, come and eat lamb with us!"

The group then tried to suss out how the connection had come about, asking what the mutual family name was, discovering it was Lane - Nadia's mother's maiden name.

Can you see the family resemblance?

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