President Biden poses for photo with Jill that really emphasizes his belief in “our brightest future”

POTUS Joe Biden shares a sweet image as he states, “I truly believe we are about to see our brightest future”

Joe Biden and Jill Biden
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Joe Biden has posted a sweet image of his wife as they celebrate Independence Day from the second-floor balcony of the Executive Residence of the White House.

Joe Biden and Jill Biden were pictured on the balcony at the White House admiring the Fourth of July fireworks in Washington DC. 

The POTUS sounded positive as he captioned the post with an enthusiastic message about the future. 

He said, "Over the past year, we have lived through some of our darkest days. Now, I truly believe we are about to see our brightest future."

The images of the President and his wife looking at the fireworks illuminating the dark sky highlighted this message. The couple appeared to be looking at the bright fireworks as a symbol of their new bright future.

The POTUS also posted another video of himself standing on the balcony as they admired the fireworks.

The caption to this post read, "This year, America came together to celebrate the Fourth of July once again. Jill and I hope you had a safe and happy holiday with your loved ones."

Fans loved both of the posts, and many were happy to see the President and his wife looking so happy. 

One commenter said, "It is so nice to see two people that really love each other." Another said, "You two are so sweet."

Another social media commenter even joked, "Joe, find me someone to hold me like this!"

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Joe Biden

(Image credit: Alex Wong / Staff / Getty Images)

The President and his wife, Dr. Jill Biden, encouraged a message of unity during the Independence Day celebrations and both posted videos that shared this message. 

The President posted a sweet video of various Americans announcing "America is back together." 

The 'back together' message references the division that the world has faced over the past year and a half as we have all been affected by the Pandemic. 

The video showcased a wide variety of people and showed off the diversity of individuals that make up the United States. 

The people in the video were just some of the many fans that gathered at the National Mall to celebrate Independence Day and enjoy the enormous fireworks display.

The POTUS captioned this video, "Happy Fourth of July, folks. It’s good to be back together."

 "This Fourth of July, America is Back. This Fourth of July, America is back. We’re headed into a summer of joy—of freedom—thanks to the millions of Americans who stepped up to get vaccinated. To the frontline and essential workers who have made this day possible: thank you," Joe Biden wrote on social media.

Fans loved this positive message and took to social media to thank him for his work. 

One commenter said, "Now this makes me so happy! Mr. President, you’ve done a great job as president so far! Happy Independence Day!" Another simply said, "Thank you Mr. President."

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