BBC Ghosts: Is season 5 the final season ever?

BBC Ghosts has been a huge success and fans are loving season 5, but is the series set to end? Will this be the end of Button House?

BBC Ghosts: Is season 5 the final season and will there be a season 6?
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We all love BBC Ghosts, but is season 5 the final season and will there be a season 6? Here's what we know so far...

Since its debut in 2019, the series Ghosts has only gained in popularity over its five-year run as fans have fallen in love with the wholesome series and the loveable cast from Horrible Histories. The comedy show has had so much success that it has even made its way across the pond as a US spin-off of the show was commissioned by CBS. 

Although the series has increased in popularity over the years, it is thought that this fifth season of the show will be the last as the showmakers plan to wrap up the series within the next few episodes. So when is Ghosts set to end for once and for all? Here's what we know...


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Is BBC Ghosts season 5 the last season?

In short, yes. The series is set to finish after season 5. BUT there is a Christmas special episode that has been commissioned, so technically that episode will be the final instalment of the Ghosts saga.

The Ghosts team announced on social media back in March 2023, "After five incredible years haunting the halls of Button House, we have decided that the time is right to let our beloved sitcom Ghosts rest in peace. We have just wrapped filming on our fifth and final series and we can't wait to share it with you all later this year."

In October 2023, it was then announced that there would be one more Christmas Special of the show. The Ghosts team posted on social media, "The final series of Ghosts starts on Friday... but there might be one last present under the Christmas tree this year #BBCGhosts." 


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How many episodes are there in Ghosts Season 5?

The entirety of Ghosts season five has been released on BBC iPlayer. The season, like every other season of the show, consists of six episodes that are being released on television on a weekly basis. 

The fourth episode of season five is set to be on BBC One on Friday 27th October at 8.30 pm. The fifth episode will be on the following Friday on November 3rd, and the season will conclude on November 10th. 


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When will the Christmas episode be released?

Like some of the other seasons of Ghosts, a Christmas episode will be released in addition to season five closer to the festive season. 

It has not been announced when this special will be released but previous festive episodes have been released on December 23rd and 25th, which could be a pretty good indicator about the final ever episode of the show.

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