Elderflower Recipes

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  • Elderflower recipes are a summer favourite, from elderflower cordial, ice cream, jelly and shortbreads to tarts, syllabub and sorbet

    Elderflower Recipes

    Elderflower recipes really give you a taste of everything we love about the summer. Make it into elderflower cordial, jam, ice cream, or bake with it – whatever you choose to do, we’ve got some of the best elderflower recipes for you to try this summer.

    There’s nothing quite as delightful as making your own elderflower cordial and enjoying it either mixed with sparkling water, as a spritzer, added to champagne or with vodka, soda and a wedge of lime. This truly is one of the most refreshing drinks on a hot summer’s day. Once you’ve tried making your own cordial, you’ll never want to go back to shopbought! We have a divine recipe for elderflower cordial (pictured) you can try. The prep time is only 10 minutes, which makes it one of our quickest and easiest recipe ideas – it takes a few hours for the flavours to infuse but it keeps for months, which means you can enjoy it long after elderflower season has ended.

    Elderflowers come from the elderberry plant and the flower blooms from mid-May for around a month, which means that their season is very short. If you’re picking your own, make sure you avoid elderflower that is growing along busy roadsides or in polluted areas and those at low level.

    It’s not just cordial that you can make with elderflower. We’ve got some great elderflower jelly recipes that you can make with or without a splash of alcohol to make it a real grown-up dessert, or perhaps you might prefer to enjoy it as an ice cream, which is bound to cool you down in hot weather. We’ve got a lovely elderflower and raspberry fool recipe, which makes for a super speedy dessert when you’re short on time.

    Give our elderflower recipes a go this summer for a really refreshing, elegant taste of summer…