M&S are selling huge avocados - big enough to top eight slices of toast

M&S have made big family brunches easier by selling giant avocados.

Like the M&S giant avocado
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M&S are selling huge avocados and they're going to make our big boozy brunches much easier.

After stocking the ultimate drinking decoration, M&S has another treat that's proving popular with shoppers. The supermarket chain's new super-sized fruit is already flying off the shelves so much so that it's sold out on delivery site Ocado.

The green-favourite costs £2.50 and is large enough to feed an entire family of eight.

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The supermarket giant’s avocados come in a variety of sizes - with the largest big enough to cover up to eight pieces of toast. That's some serious brunching right there!

Cue the avocado recipes as they're certainly going to keep us all stocked up when it comes to making a tasty treat.

Whether it's a quick pre-Christmas breakfast or a lazy Sunday brunch, we're not going to run out of the green stuff or risk injury cutting open several pieces of the stone-centred fruit.

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Have M&S sold giant avocados before?

M&S was the first supermarket giant to sell the largest avocado on the high street back in 2016 when it sold the Carla avocado - which was five times the size of a normal avocado at the time.

And this latest giant offering is the Hass avocado from the Dominican Republic, and it's a favourite with shoppers due to their creamy texture and nutty taste.

Let's hope it comes back in stock in time for Christmas...

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