What are soap brows? (hint: they're the secret to full feathery brows and have gone viral for good reason)

You probably already have one in your bathroom

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If you dream of full and fluffy brows, it's easier to achieve than you think. Soap brows are the new beauty trend on the block—loved for simplicity and affordability. 

Getting your brows done professionally requires more time (and money) than you may have. Rather than break the bank on the latest brow products, you can actually create naturally full and feathery brows using three simple ingredients. And if you need a refresher on how to shape eyebrows be sure to check out our explainer, which breaks it down step-by-step.

With just a spoolie, bar of soap, and water, you can sculpt the perfect fluffy brow. Whether you use the best all-natural beauty products (if you have sensitive skin) or a random bar of soap, you can obtain glamourous results.

What are soap brows?

This old Hollywood trick is a quick and easy eyebrow grooming method to replace eyebrow gel. According to Swedish makeup artist Linda Hallberg (who spoke with Allure), it's been a common technique among makeup artists for its strong hold, simplicity, and affordability.

"Now that full and fluffy brows are on-trend, soap is the easiest way to achieve the look, especially if you don't have fluffy brows by nature," Linda told the outlet.

What's the best soap to use?

When looking for a soap that will provide the best results, you'll want to make sure it contains a good amount of glycerin (a fatty substance that will help keep your brows in place). Ideally, you'll also want to a clear bar of soap to minimize the chances of any white residue being left behind.

To make things easier, though, Amazon shoppers are raving over this $8 soap brow kit that was specifically designed for your brows.

Ownest Eyebrow Soap Kit, $7.99

Ownest Eyebrow Soap Kit, $7.99

For a quick eyebrow makeover, add this kit into your morning routine. This all-inclusive kit includes two spoolies and an all-natural soap to hold brows in place and promote hair growth. 

The kit aims to provide you with everything you'll need to create the perfect feathery brow. Included is a special soap designed specifically for your brows, so it'll aim to last longer than a normal body or face soap. Two spoolies are also provided to help you with the application. From there, all you need is a little water to apply the soap with. The added tin case is also great for storing and taking with you on the go. 

How do you do soap brows?

Simply dampen the soap (lightly) and coat your spoolie with the soap. From there, you'll want to brush your spoolie upwards and apply the soap in thin layers for the best results. If there are any gaps then just use your favorite brow pen or powder fill in any sparse areas. 

If you want a look that's quick and easy to apply, then soap brows are a definite way to get the best natural-looking results.

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