Why unspoiled Tobago is the ultimate paradise destination for solo travelers

Make Tobago, with its thriving culinary scene, friendly locals and rich cultural heritage top of your list for 2023

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Tobago, the smaller, less crowded sister island to Trinidad, has long attracted travelers from across the globe thanks to its pristine, unspoiled beaches and lush tropical land. With all the hallmarks of a paradise island, Tobago’s aesthetic appeal is a given, but it’s the island’s warm welcome, varied local cuisine, and fascinating history that will make for a truly unforgettable trip. 

With friendly locals who are always happy to assist visitors and with a story or two to tell about the local culture, Tobago is naturally a fantastic choice for families. But it’s also emerging as one of the top destinations for solo travelers who want to immerse themselves in local culture, with idyllic Caribbean seascapes providing the backdrop. 

In our post-pandemic world the solo travel movement, particularly among females, continues to expand and the older generation is driving this. A 2022 study released by Journey Woman found that 77% of all bookings across the brand globally came from women aged 55+. Research also found that midlife women favor slow travel experiences where they can soak in the essence of a destination and value new experiences highly when it comes to their travel agenda. These are the reasons why Tobago is the perfect choice if you’re planning a solo adventure in 2023 and beyond. 

6 reasons to travel solo in Tobago 

1. The welcoming community

Tobago community

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Family is very much at the heart of Tobago’s thriving community and its people welcome travelers with open arms, always willing to share tips for what to do on the island or tell a few tales of years gone by. Whether you interact with the local community during a guided tour, at food and craft markets, or during a cooking demo, Tobago’s locals offer warmth and charm in abundance that will make solo travelers feel right at home. 

2. The opportunity for an eco-adventure

Adventure awaits in Tobago, with an abundance of activities for thrill seekers to enjoy. In the center of the island is a huge wilderness; the UNESCO-listed Main Ridge Forest Reserve, filled with wildlife, rare flora and fauna, as well as some of the 260 species of birds found in Tobago. Hike the lush and varied land of Tobago or explore the area by sea on a diving expedition. Tobago’s water adventures range from island-wide diving to paddle boarding and day-long boat trips. 

3. It’s an ideal base for a wellness retreat

Tobago wellness retreat

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When it comes to wellness, sometimes some alone time is just what we need to get the most out of the experience, without the pressure to make conversation or please anybody else. Tobago has an incredible offering when it comes to wellness experiences where travelers can be immersed in nature. Enjoy Forest Bathing in the UNESCO-listed Main Ridge Forest Reserve, let mother nature give you an invigorating massage at Argyle Falls, or check into one of the relaxing yoga retreats across the island. 

4. The near-empty beaches

Tobago’s beaches are quiet and unspoiled, meaning enjoying some alone time with a beach read is all the more idyllic without crowds to contend with. The people of Tobago are known to be fiercely protective of their culture and landscape, avoiding the mass over-development seen on many other islands in the Caribbean and keeping its rustic charm intact. The island’s stunning, secluded beaches include; Englishman’s Bay, Pigeon Point Heritage Park, Store Bay, Pirates Bay, Little/Big Bay Castara, Nylon Pool, No Man’s Land, Mt Irvine Bay, Parlatuvier Beach, Batteax Bay, Cotton Bay, and Lovers Bay, 

5. The extensive culinary offering

Part of the joy of travel is experiencing different cultures through their culinary offerings and Tobago has a wealth of delicious local dishes for its visitors to sample. The cuisine on the island is naturally dominated by a variety of seafood dishes, with curried crab and dumplings the signature dish on the island. Visitors can enjoy cooking demos carried out by local chefs, as well as freshly caught and prepared seafood and fresh fruits and vegetables, all locally sourced. 

6. The rich cultural history

No solo trip would be complete without delving into the culture of a destination and Tobago’s friendly and welcoming locals are happy to impart their wisdom on Tobago’s rich cultural heritage. As mentioned previously, the local community has remained fiercely protective of its heritage and natural surroundings, meaning each corner of the island retains its original charm. Learn about traditional cooking methods such as dirt oven baking, or take part in festivals and events such as the Tobago Heritage Festival or Goat & Crab Racing event. 

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