How Prince Philip is keeping the Queen smiling during lockdown

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Prince Philip is managing to keep Queen Elizabeth's spirits up during this difficult period with a 'naughty' quality, according to a royal expert.

How is Prince Philip keeping the Queen smiling?

Joe Little, managing editor of Majesty Magazine, told Hello magazine that Philip's 'naughty' sense of humour is keeping the Queen laughing.

He said, "He is such an important ingredient in her success and happiness.

"He makes her laugh, he's got a slightly naughty sense of humour, a sense of the ridiculous that keeps her amused."

The expert added that being with her husband comes as great comfort to her Majesty and is a 'silver lining' of the coronavirus.

Joe explained, "She will value that companionship much more than if he were at the other end of a telephone.

"I think a lot of the strength in the relationship comes from his independent mind.

"He's not your conventional lovey-dovey husband.

"He's always been bracing and supportive to the Queen."

The couple have been married for almost 73 years, with the Duke turning 99 on Wednesday.

But there won't be any lavish celebrations as the country remains in lockdown.

Royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams revealed how Philip isn’t a fan of fuss.

He said, “Prince Philip has always been famed for disliking being fussed over.

“When he turns 99 on Wednesday it will be no different, though he would, one feels, appreciate some form of celebration when he turns 100 next year.

“That is something for us all to look forward to.

“His joy this year will be to celebrate it with the Queen, reportedly there are no special plans to mark the occasion other than the two of them lunching together.”

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