King Charles would ‘fully support’ Zara Tindall on Strictly Come Dancing

Zara Tindall could be eyeing up a stint on Strictly Come Dancing next year

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The King would be behind Zara Tindall if she agreed to take part in Strictly Come Dancing next year. This comes after royal’s husband Mike Tindall took part in I’m A Celebrity last month.

After Mike Tindall’s successful stint on I’m A Celebrity earlier this year, now there are reports Zara Tindall could be joining the Strictly Come Dancing lineup. 

Mike took part in the ITV reality show in October, where he was a hit with fans of the show and recalled stories from his time as a royal. 

Royal expert Duncan Larcombe has told OK! magazine that this could be the start of the royal family taking part in more TV shows.  

"Zara appearing on Strictly is not out of the realm of possibility," he said.

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Duncan continued, "It would be a gamble, but I think if she were to say she wanted to do it, she’d have the full support of King Charles."

"The invitation will already have arrived on Zara’s mat, probably for the umpteenth time, but it would be a very safe program for her to take part in. Watch this space."

The expert added, "The signs are good for Zara and Mike and they might be able to play a more significant role with their celebrity status, if not their royal status."

"Anything that’s good for their profiles should also be good for King Charles."

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This comes after Mike told a story of dancing with his mother-in-law, Princess Anne - who was said to have tuned into I'm A Celeb - while he was in the jungle.

He said, "The old s*** drop gets me every time."

"I went to a wedding, ripped a suit, and they were like, ‘Oh my God, what are you going to do?’

“I was like, ‘Don’t worry I’ve got a spare.’ They were like, ‘Who brings a spare suit?’ Someone who rips a lot of trousers brings a spare suit."

“Zara had a 30th birthday, it was a disco 70s themed one, I was dancing on the dance floor, I had flares on, full outfit but it was quite tight, nothing ever fits a rugby player’s bum and legs.

"So I was dancing with my mother-in-law and I did a s*** drop in front of my mother-in-law.

"I ripped my trousers, straight in front of her. It happened to be that the boxers that I had on at that time said, ‘Nibble my Nuts.'

"As I’ve turned round, she’s gone, ‘I’d rather not.’ I’ve gone, ‘I’m going’ and walked off."

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