The tragic reason that sparked Davina McCall to look after her health

Davina McCall has shared a touching tribute to her late sister, Caco, on what would have been her birthday - eight years after her tragic death following a battle with terminal cancer.

The TV star posted a photo of her sister, Caroline, on Twitter and wrote, “Today would have been my sisters birthday ... we always try and remember her on this day instead of the day she died... Love u Caco , she was ace.”

Davina recently revealed her half sister’s tragic death, aged 50, made her re-evaluate her own health.

Opening up about the reasons she takes such good care of herself Davina said, “'I do find that at 52 I'm exercising and eating right for a slightly different reason, I do think about my health and my longevity.

“My sister died when she was 50, I always think, ‘my mum had cancer, my sister had cancer,’ I just want to do everything I can to be the healthiest I can be.”

Davina is mum to three children from her marriage to Matthew Robertson and wants to be around to look after them. “I've got three lovely kids who I want to take care of for as long as I can, but also I want to feel good in my skin.”

Talking of her children, Davina recently confessed she’s “desperate” for her 19-year-old daughter Holly to make it home for Christmas, after she caught covid-19 just one week after starting university.

Davina made the admission on the podcast she shares with now-boyfriend, Michael Douglas, saying, “She went to Newcastle University and was there a week and got Covid. Can you imagine an influx of 50,000 students from all over the country and none of them are social distancing?"

She went on to tell The Sunday Mirror, "Most of the halls she was living in had it. Every person got through it because teenagers just don’t have an issue with it. They’re all fine now."

Having since recovered from the deadly virus, Davina is hoping she’ll be safe to come home for Christmas.

“I am assuming she’s not going to get it again which means she can come back, after drinking with a thousand people the night before, knowing she’s not bringing it into the house.”




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