The new steamy Fatal Attraction trailer is out: when is the Joshua Jackson and Lizzy Caplan show premiering?

Fans are incredibly excited about the upcoming release of the new Fatal Attraction miniseries on Paramount+ - and for good reason

Fatal Attraction
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Paramount+ has just released the first teaser trailer for the upcoming miniseries Fatal Attraction - and things are already looking steamy.

Based on the uber successful 1987 film by the same name, which famously starred Michael Douglas, Glenn Close and Anne Archer, the new miniseries is set to premiere on the network on April 30. 

As seen in the one-minute-long preview clip, the cast of the erotic thriller is led by Joshua Jackson and Lizzy Caplan, who both look incredibly intense navigating their respective roles.

"Have you ever pushed that red button?," Lizzy's character says to Joshua's at the beginning of the trailer when the two are in an elevator together during what we presume to be their first meeting. 

The trailer then introduces us to Joshua’s on-screen wife, played by Amanda Peet, and fans can’t help but be reminded of the love triangle that defined the original film.

Speaking of the original: if the success of the '80s movie is of any indication, fans absolutely can't wait to catch the new adaptation.

The Adrian Lyne-directed thriller earned six nominations during the 60th Academy Awards, which aired back in 1988, in the following categories: best picture, best director, best actress (for Glenn), best supporting actress (for Anne), best adapted screenplay and best film editing.


"An affair takes a volatile turn when the woman refuses to allow the married man to put an end to the affair," reads an official synopsis of the upcoming Fatal Attraction miniseries. 

According to People, Paramount+'s "episodic reboot will follow the '80s thriller," so you can expect the married couple's pet bunny to make headlines once more. Hopefully, though, we won’t actually see what happens to the rabbit.


Joshua Jackson takes on the role of Dan Gallagher, the character that Michael Douglas inhabited years ago, opposite Lizzy Caplan's Alex Forrest, with whom he starts an affair. 

Amanda Peet stars as Dan's wife Beth Gallagher and Alyssa Jirrels will play the couple's daughter, Ellen.

Fatal Attraction

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The main cast is rounded out by Toby Huss as Mike Gerard, Reno Wilson as detective Early Booker and Brian Goodman as Arthur Tomlinson.


The first three episodes of the new Fatal Attraction miniseries will drop on Paramount+ on April 30. 

You can expect new episodes to be released on the platform every Sunday through May 28, so anyone with a Paramount+ subscription will be able to watch them as soon as they are made public.

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