Sins of Our Mother - where is Lori Vallow now and what happened to her children?

Sins of Our Mother is the latest limited crime docuseries to hit Netflix and fans are already obsessed with this shocking true story

Lori Vallow
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Sins of Our Mother is the most recent true crime docuseries that has captured the attention of the nation who are wrapped up in this shocking story about a possible matricide. 

Sins of Our Mother was released on Wednesday, September 14, 2022, and fans have been shocked by the crimes that have been explored in this series.

The show 's narrative is primarily from Lori's surviving son Colby who explained the family's troubled backstory, as well as the current hunt for justice as Lori and her fifth husband, Chad, await trial. The series is just three episodes long and explores Lori's involvement with a cult-like religion which led the press to label her, the 'doomsday mom'. 

While the show is thorough, the timelines are complicated. Here is a breakdown of Lori's relationships and the children resulting from these relationships, along with what Lori is doing right now.

Sins of Our mother

Chad Daybell

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Who were Lori Vallow's husbands?

Lori Vallow's first husband was Nelson Yanes who she married in 1992. Lori was just 19 when she married her high school boyfriend, and soon after their marriage the couple divorced.

William Lagioia was Lori's second husband and the father of her first child. The couple was just 22 and 23 when they married and in 1996 they had a son named Colby. The couple divorced in 1998.

Just a few years later, Lori married Joseph Anthony Ryan Jr. Joseph legally adopted Colby and in 2002, the couple had a daughter named Tylee. The couple filed for divorce in 2004 and in 2005 it was finalized.

In 2006, Lori married Leland Charles Anthony Vallow, known as Charles Vallow. In 2013 the couple adopted Charles' grandnephew Joshua Jaxon 'J.J' Vallow. They then moved to Kauai in Hawaii in 2014 and then to Arizona in 2016.

Lori Vallow

Charles Vallow, Colby Ryan and Lori Vallow

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In 2018, Lori met her next husband Chad Daybell, a religious fanatic, through Charles. In 2019, Charles was shot and killed by Lori's brother, Alex,  who claimed it was self-defense after he confronted Charles about abusing his sister and Charles hit Alex in the head with a bat.

In 2019, Lori married Chad Daybell, this wedding took place just two weeks after the death of Chad's first wife Tammy. The couple is still married and set to go on trial together for the murders of Lori's children along with a number of other offenses. 

What happened to Lori Vallow's children?

Tylee Ashlyn Ryan and Joshua Jaxon "J. J." Vallow were Lori's two children who disappeared in September 2019 and were found dead in June 2020 in Rexburg, Idaho. The children were buried in a shallow grave on Chad Daybell's property that was said to be a pet cemetery.

It is thought that Chad and Lori conspired to murder the children after becoming obsessed with the idea that they were 'possessed' and acting like 'zombies.' The couple is awaiting trial and their involvement in their murders has not been confirmed.

Lori's other son, Colby Ryan, from her second marriage who was adopted by her third husband, is still alive and is currently living in Arizona. As of 2022, Colby is 26, and was recently accused of sexual assault. The sexual assault charges made against him have recently been dropped without prejudice which means additional charges can still be filed in the future.

Lori Vallow

Top row: (L to R) Lori Vallow Daybell, Alex Cox, Steven Cope, Adam Cox, Bottom row: (L to R) Janice Cox, Barry Cox, Melani Pawlowski, Stacey Cox, Summer Shiflet

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What happened to Lori Vallow?

Following the disappearance of her children in 2019, Lori was arrested in 2020 on two felony counts of desertion and nonsupport of dependent children. Later in 2021, Lori and her fifth husband Chad were charged with murder in the first degree of Tylee Ryan and J.J. Vallow and conspiracy to commit first-degree murder. 

In 2021 Lori was considered unable to stand trial, but after a brief stay in a mental health facility, Lori has now been deemed fit to go to trial in 2022.

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