Rebel Wilson reveals she went on a date a week for a year but has finally found love

After revealing that she is now "happily in a relationship," Rebel Wilson shared that she went on over 50 dates in a year before settling down

Christopher Willard/ABC via Getty Images) REBEL WILSON
(Image credit: Christopher Willard/ABC via Getty Images) REBEL WILSON)

Rebel Wilson has officially found love - but it was a pretty rocky ride to get there.

In an appearance on Betches Media's podcast U Up?, Rebel, who looked almost unrecognizable at the premiere of her new Netflix movie Senior Year earlier this week, revealed that she is now "happily in a relationship," without mentioning the mystery man's name.

When prompted about her love life, the 42-year-old actor explained that she met her current boyfriend through a friend. "I think that escalates things quicker, meeting someone from a trusted source," she said. "I can trust that they are who they say they are, which is something that you don't really know on the apps."

Speaking of apps, while on the show, Rebel opened up about the plenty of men that she met online and dated before making things official with her current beau. She specifically mentioned that she went on 50 dates in the span of a year back in 2019. That’s basically one date a week for 365 days!

"I went on some dates with some billionaires and then also some people who had nothing," she said. "It was the full spectrum of people." 

Rebel Wilson

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What perhaps surprised her fans most is the star’s revelation that she made use of the FBI to find out more about her potential matches on dating apps.

"The last person I went out with on the app, I did get the FBI to check them out just to make sure there was nothing [wrong]," she said, sharing that she had a feeling that something wasn't right. "And there was actually something in their past. It was an assault charge." 

Rebel, who went public about the reason she lost weight after her iconic 'Fat Amy' role, has also openly discussed how her "newfound confidence" has affected both her public and private persona. 

She tackled the topic once again just a couple of weeks ago, in an interview with Yahoo Life. "I do feel the best I've ever felt," she said back then. "It's not just about how I look on the outside but kind of how I feel about myself. I do think beauty is in all shapes. There were times when I rocked the red carpet in a size 18, size 20, and you could tell by the pictures, I was really confident and loving myself. But I knew secretly that I was engaging in some unhealthy eating behaviors, and that's what I wanted to work on. So now, because I am a healthier person, that shines through."

As for the secret to her dramatic weight loss, the actor has previously mentioned her dedication to a daily, low-impact exercise (walking), which she does for an hour a day. 

Rebel’s lifestyle change was clearly a successful one that her pals have noticed as well. "A lot of my friends say that even though I was confident before, I have a newfound confidence," the actor said. 

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