Rebel Wilson reveals she lost ‘unwanted body fat’ with this low-impact exercise

Rebel Wilson did the accessible workout every day for one hour to lose weight

Rebel Wilson's low-impact exercise for weight loss revealed
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Rebel Wilson has revealed one of the important tools she used to lose weight—and no, it wasn't spending hours at the gym. 

The Australian actress has famously undergone a dramatic body transformation over the past couple of years, shedding a significant amount of weight in pursuit of improving her health. 

Having struggled with emotional eating for decades, the 41-year-old decided to take control in January 2020 and commit to a lifestyle overhaul. The decision involved a drastic change in her diet and exercise habits, as well as a mental reset when it came to her relationship with food. She has since lost a whopping 77lb (35kg), bringing her to her goal weight of 165lb (74kg). 

Contrary to previous reports, Rebel's weight loss wasn't the result of grueling gym sessions. While physical activity was certainly a key element in her 'Year of Health', it didn't involve the endless HIIT treadmill workouts one might associate with celebrity exercise. Instead, the Pitch Perfect star was encouraged to lace up her trainers and take up walking for weight loss for a solid 60 minutes on a daily basis. 

"The doctor said to me, 'Rebel, the best way for you to lose unwanted body fat is just simply walking,'" she said during a recent interview with Apple Fitness+. "'Doesn't have to be high-intensity, doesn't have to be uphill, just moderate walking an hour a day.'"  

She was also told the low-impact form of exercise was "the best way to lose unwanted body fat" for her particular body type.  

This is far from the first time that Rebel has publicly discussed her weight loss experience. The Bridesmaids actress has been refreshingly candid about the process with her fans, even revealing that freezing her eggs was a major motivation behind the decision to get healthy. In August 2021, Rebel shared a photo of herself at her 'unhealthiest', alongside a message of hope for others struggling with similar issues.


She has also called out people in the industry for failing to support her in her weight loss journey. In a recent interview with the BBC, the award-winning moviestar revealed that her decision to "transform and change my life" was met by "pushback" from her Hollywood team. 

"They were like, 'Why? Why would you want to do that?'" Wilson recalled. "Because I was earning millions of dollars being the funny fat girl and being that person."

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