Prue Leith Opens Up About Her New Husband And Taking On The Bake Off Tent

prue leith
prue leith
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As Prue Leith gets older, her life appears to be getting more and more exciting! Last year she married retired designer John Playfair, before bagging a new job as judge on The Great British Bake Off.

Woman & Home's Victoria Youngcaught up with the cook to find out all the details on her next chapter.

Although Prue was 'giddy with joy' when she married John, there was one surprising thing that she said she would not do as a married couple - live together!

She explained: "When we got married last year,I said I'd never live in the same house as him. He lives in a very nice house in the next village, and his childrenand grandchildren come home most weekends."

(Prue Leith husband John joined her on This Morning earlier this year)

Prue added: "But he is the most untidy man i've ever met, whereas i'm obsessively neat and tidy. Just the thought of all his stuff coming into my house was unimaginable - and also i don't wantto impose my nature on him."

In the future the couple have considered living in an old age home together but for now, Prue likes it just as it is!

As for her new job, Prue has no intention of trying to be a straight swap for Mary Berry, who previously judged the Bake Offalongside Paul Hollywood. She explained that it just wouldn't be her.

"Peopleare bound to compare me with Mary, but they'll soon realise that I'm nothing like her. I terrifically admire Mary. To me she was the nation's favourite grandmother; always very charming to the bakers, and firm but fair. But I'm nothing like the nation's favourite grandmother. I'm a bit rougher."


Quick fire questions with Prue Leith:

What can't you live without?

"Really good food. I get cross if food is bad."

What has Bake Off taught you so far?

"That making TV can be fun."

What's the one thing you want to master?

"I want to be able to sing. I've tried - and I cannot."

The mantra you live by?

"Never be bored. And don't eat anything if it's not worth the calories!"


(Prue alongside fellow Bake Off judge Paul Hollywood)

The only thing Prue would like to copy from Mary is her stint on the show!

Prue said: "Mary was the same age that I am now when she started doing Bake Off. I've been cheered up by the thought that Mary went on for seven years.My big goal is to equal her."

When Prue got the news that she had been appointed as Mary's replacement, she called Berry to ask her for some advice.

She said: "I wanted to know what it would be like working with Paul. She was very complimentary, but said, 'You'll have to hold your own with him'.Mary told me that Paul was very naughty and I'd have to watch out,or he'd trick me."

And while her new job role has mostly been fun and games, Prue admits that she has had some tougher times.

She said: "Of course I have had bad times, like when my husband, Rayne, died after we'd been together for 40 years. And when i took on two contracts for catering for parks because I was so desperate for Britain to eat lovely food - and then it poured with rain forthree years and I lost a fortune."

Prue added: "I have also had a few bad accidents, likea car crash in New York. So I have had worryingtimes. But by and large I have had it very easy."

We certainly admire her positive attitude and cannot wait to see how the rest of The Great British Bake Off goes.

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