Final episode of Peter Kay's 'Car Share' leaves viewers 'crying' after touching ending

Warning - spoilers below! On Monday 28th April, viewers watched in their droves as the BBC aired the 'final ever episode' of the wildly popular Peter Kay comedy, Car Share.

The show finally reached its conclusion, three years after first gracing our screens.

The finale episode, starring Peter Kay's John Redmond and Sian Gibson's Kayleigh Kitson, actually came a year after the second series was thought to have ended, in May 2017.

Viewers were left distraught a year ago, as the season's original run came to a close, without giving fans the romantic ending they were hoping for for protagonists John and Kayleigh.

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But some months after, Peter Kay revealed there would be a final two episodes - an unscripted show, and a finale episode. And happily, it seems viewers were finally granted the ending they so desired, as car-share buddies John and Kayleigh finally appeared to be acknowledging their true feelings for each other.

At the end of the episode, the comedic duo, who have faced their fair share of ups and downs, heartwarmingly held hands and cuddled as they listened to an iPod - ironically, at the back of a bus.

Although the series didn't confirm that the pair had started a relationship, fans appeared utterly delighted with the season two ending, taking to social media to share how the tender ending had left them feeling emotional.

One wrote, 'Watching #CarShare #CarShareFinale .... ❤love this show. Am crying with laughter & what a lovely ending.'

While another fan said, '#CarShare Just watched last night’s finale. Absolutely loved every second ! Laughed & cried in equal measure. Absolutely perfect 👌🏼'

Other viewers agreed that the final episode was the 'perfect ending' to the show - with many hinting at their hope for more episodes. A third watcher said, 'A sweet ending to #CarShare full of possibilities for the pair... I’m hoping for a “five years later” reboot in years to come 😉'.

And others revealed that the final episode hijinxs had left them 'crying', with the hilarity of Kayleigh and John's escapades.

One fan said, 'Literally crying with laughter at the finale of #CarShare there... 😂🚗', while another wrote, 'Such a brilliant last episode to Peter Kay’s Car Share, crying with laughter at the end. Loved every single episode, what a series #CarShare'

Car Share creator Peter Kay is currently on a career sabbatical, after cancelling his UK tour due to 'unforeseen family circumstances' in December. He did however appear at a recent screening of the final two Car Share episodes in Blackpool, much to the delight of fans.

His next project is unclear, but he has said that there will be no further series of the popular BBC comedy for the foreseeable future. However, Sian Gibson gave fans a glimpse of hope recently, saying, "Never say never", when asked if another series could be possible.

We're keeping our fingers crossed!

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