Pamela Anderson takes us back to the 90s as she dons *that* Baywatch suit for the first time in decades – and looks exactly the same

Pamela Anderson is back to her Baywatch best as she announces the launch of a new swimwear line

Pamela Anderson is back in the Baywatch suit!
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Get ready to spend your upcoming summer holidays or trips to the beach resisting the urge to slow-motion run, because Pamela Anderson has well and truly taken us back to peak Baywatch days.

The actress and best-selling author burst into the mainstream as scrappy lifeguard Casey Jean 'CJ' Parker on the 90s beach drama.

While the actors were mostly celebrated for their appearances above any actual acting at the time, the show became one of the biggest ratings successes across the world.

Pamela Anderson and Baywatch co-stars in the 1990s

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And part of the allure was the aforementioned slow-motion running, made effortlessly iconic by Pamela Anderson’s red lifeguard swimsuit.

And, now, some thirty years later, Pammy is back in the same look.

Pamela – who has been having a roaring 2023 so far, having released her memoir, Love, Pamela, and a Netflix documentary reclaiming the narrative around the exploitations she faced – revealed the reason behind her digging back out the red swimming costume. She’s releasing her own swimwear line.

In the caption for the post amassing hundreds of thousands of likes, Pamela wrote, “It’s about time - I have been so excited to share this with you - I’m horrible at keeping a secret…”

“Time went so slowly… But today after a long year - I can tell you All my favorite ideas and tricks of the trade - All mixed into my swimwear collaboration with @frankiesbikinis.”

“Raw, fun & timeless… Available May 4th.”

Fans – including celebrity admirers like Paris Hilton and Kerry Washington – were quick to show Pamela some love. And it’s clear this is more than just another celebrity fashion line.

As caught in the Netflix documentary, many have seen a different side to the Barb Wire star. Previously dismissed as a sex icon or a “dumb blond,” Pamela has been sharing what it was really like to have her sex tape stolen, and have to live through the endless scrutiny and attacks on her character.

The comments were all quick to capture this defiance with Pamela reclaiming her own image for good.

One wrote,  “Yesssss! It’s about time Pamela can profit from her iconic image instead of someone else.”

Another questioned, “Wait, is this you now or back then?”

And honestly, same. Because you’d be forgiven for thinking the iconic Pammy had simply posted a throwback.

Pamela Anderson's recent swimsuit pictures had fans confused as to how she looks exactly the same as she did in the 90s

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Not only is the actual swimwear line great news, it’s hard to ignore the fact that Pamela looks almost the same as she did back during the original Baywatch run.

How does she do it?

She told all to Vogue earlier this year. “I only eat between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. It just makes me feel so great and energized,” she said. She also shared she follows a strict supplement routine.

“I've got a great doctor in L.A. who has given me this great vitamin regimen. I'm taking them and eating healthy as I'm vegan.”

It's certainly working. On more photos of her upcoming line shared by Frankie's Bikinis, fans left comments including, "You could tell me these pics are from the 90s and I’d believe it!" and "No freaking way! Insane that she still looks exactly the same!"

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