Spring into a new laundry routine

Conquer the clothes pile with a high-tech washing machine that lightens the load

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It's that time of year when a clutter-free and freshly organised home are the goals we all want to achieve. 

And, what better place to start than the dreaded laundry bin that never seems to empty. Could this be because your washing machine is no longer up to the task?

If your washing machine is older than ten years or starting to falter perhaps it's time to ditch your outdated device for an ultra-modern smart model before it surrenders itself.

AO.com have over 100,000 electricals in stock so where better to start looking for a new washing machine than from the comfort of your own home? From the moment you find the machine of your dreams, AO.com start working to deliver to your door the very next day with time slots that suit you.

But how do you know what washing machine suits your specific needs? Take a look at our handy guide to the latest washing machine features that won’t get you in a spin. 

Essential factors to look for in a new washing machine

1. Size matters

A 7-8kg is ideal for couples but a medium-sized family should aim for at least a 9kg laundry capacity. Think of each KG as one large towel or five shirts. A handy 11 kg machine capacity like Hoover H-WASH 500 HW411AMC/1 will comfortably fit in a full-family wash, double duvet and even a machine washable rug. 

2. Check out spin and sound levels

Thanks to new and innovative appliance design AO.com believes a washing machine should be seen and not heard, especially in open-plan layouts. Look out for a spin speed of 1400 that wrings water out a treat. The H-WASH 500 range has Active Balance Technology that reduces noise and vibrations, thanks to its spinning optimization.

3. Save energy and bills

As we all strive to be environmentally aware,  make the sustainable choice by selecting a machine that has top efficiency in class: ‘A’ for energy efficiency. This meets the strict criteria set by the new EU energy efficiency legislation. 

The state-of-the-art Hoover H-WASH 500 HW411AMC/1 is rated ‘A' class and fitted with a new-generation Eco-Power Inverter Motor. This makes it ultra energy-efficient as it turns by magnetic induction so will offer more by doing less.

With energy prices soaring you’ll be pleased to hear that ‘A' rated H-WASH 500 is up to 35% cheaper to run than an equivalent D or E rated machine. 

By updating your washing machine to an energy-efficient model you’ll slash bills in more ways than one. The H-WASH 500 has an advanced algorithm programme that calculates and auto-sets the most suitable programme. The clever appliance adapts detergent, water use and time guaranteeing improved efficiency with absolutely no waste.

4. Pick essential programmes

Special programmes are carefully designed to take care of all your favourite clothes. Garments including woollens, baby clothes, sportswear and denim have been lab-tested to find the ultimate temperate and time-frame to keep fibres preserved for longer. Hoover’s H-WASH 500 washing machines have a complete set of 9 unique Care Cycles including Steam Wash to remove creases. Yet another time saver as this reduces the need for ironing—hurrah! 

5. Get digitally connected

As with all smart home technology, WiFi-enabled washing machines are becoming increasingly popular for good reason. A smart washing machine will conveniently allow you to check the status of your washing with an app, or via Alexa, Apple or Google assistants. The hOn app is compatible with all H-WASH 500 models. Useful features include controlling washing machines remotely or receiving an end-of-cycle notification while you are out.

If laundry labels are confusing a 'Scan to Care function', available via hOn App, creates your virtual wardrobe. Just take a picture of your garment and the App will collect and store all your clothes washing instructions- genius. 

Smart tech makes maintenance a breeze too. If there is a fault with your machine will 'tell' your phone what's wrong and how you can fix it. 

Now you can enhance your washing machine performance with the Hoover hOn app!

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